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Novo Ordo Seclorum timing confirms Douglas Willinger's discoveries on Ledochowksy



The recent trial in China condemning at 11 years of jail a man for having criticized the China regime (*) explains well the future plans of Rome for the Freedom in the entire planet. Rome loves Communist China because that dictatorship represents in a formally atheist way what the Vatican and the Jesuits have in mind as a “secular government applying the Canons of Rome in the administration of the justice”.

It is the entire planet to be involved in this invasion of Aliens coming from Saint Peter square. Freedom must be destroyed in every corner of the world. Hence the act of 'aggression' against Berlusconi, involving a simple secular authority of a nation, was not sufficient to push the agenda for the world suppression of Freedom in Internet. It was requested an attack to an “universal” or “catholic” figure, the Roman 'divine' emperor of the planet, pope Ratzinger. Now they have their desired alibi for those “international agreements” to “regulate the expression of thought” in Internet.

As usual the homeland of the Vatican Guards and of the International Settlement Bank supplied with the proverbial Swiss efficiency and punctuality the needed alibi delivering it to Rome the night of 24th December (**). That woman, immediately termed as “mentally ill” (all the tyrannies love to describe Freedom as a product of “mental illness”), jumped towards the pope twelve days after the attack to Silvio Berlusconi and one day after the appearing in the media of the proposal for an “international agreement” to “regulate” the expression of thought in Internet. If you love Vatican exoteric numerology you'll have noted how the proposal for those “international” or “catholic” agreements appeared on the day 22 of December, after the attack to Berlusconi. Never forget that just the 22nd November 1822 (***) it was signed the infamous Jesuit Verona's Treaty with the victorious powers on Napoleon. That treaty was esplicitly declaring war against the Freedom of Speech and in particular against the free press....

What is also the sense of history? Rome hates the most Freedom. To destroy it she hanged at her neck the stone of the Council of Trent Canon 32 principles. Those “Arbeit macht frei” principle which creates a balance where your spiritual Salvation is measured by your material 'good' works, has been painted with secular, materialist colours to be presented as “the economy”. The stone of the economy was so hanged at the neck of Freedom and the Capitalism was born. Capitalism, the traditional capitalism of the exploitation and of the purpose to create an enormous mass of poverty, is the theological Roman Catholic torture to which Freedom is submitted. The fine Jesuit and Vatican minds wanted a real representation of their Romanist dogma. They say “the Freedom is a product of Satan” and hence they demonstrated their dogma in a pedagogical way. “Do you want to be free? Here you have your 'freedom'!”.

For a natural consequence one among the first men to start the Vatican Capitalism was a Jew who embodied in his personal history the same Council of Trent principles. The knight of Malta Amschel Mayer Rothschield (****) was a Jew who gained the Roman Catholic salvation (and the total denial of his Jewry) through the “financial good works” which helped the Novo Ordo Seclorum to advance in the world. Decades later, the Jesuit adviced Karl Marx and the Jesuit-Masonic Giuseppe Mazzini were both present in London. The second one, a 'cursed' Mason, built a church in honour of the Vatican, the saint Peter church in London. After the 'purified' Jews like the Amschel Mayer, Marx and Mazzini were the most important men for the building of the Vatican European empire (E.U.).

So the sense of history is easy to discover. After having created their 'Capitalism', Rome created its Jesuit/Hegelian Antithesis, the Communism. Communism was representing the force fighting that cursed Freedom with a materialist dogmatic economical stone at the neck. But it was only a temporary, provisory surrogate of the true opponent to the Freedom, a surrogate of Rome.

Meanwhile the Communism was doing the dirty job Rome was busy to fight any other possible actor on the scene, any actor not controlled by her. Protestant Prussia was exterminated. The Jews exterminated. The true Orthodox Eastern churches beheaded, mummified and filled with Jesuit and KGB agents. At the end of this theatrical representation (today), only two actors are present on the global scenario. One is still the old Freedom with the stone of the theological economy hanged at his neck, dressed up with the grotesque costume of the "liberal turbo-capitalism". The other is Rome. After the Vatican wiped away any other possible actor on the scene, she dismissed her surrogate, the Communism. Never forget that the Communism was 'destroyed' because now it is the Roman Catholic church that has to occupy his seat in the world.

The Numbers of Satan

This summer the prime minister Silvio Berlusconi performed another sketch of his comic repertory. “I am the best prime minister in the 150 years of the Unity of Italy history!” (§) cried out the pathetic television door-to-door seller among the general hilarity . Of course the sentence was labeled as the “usual non-sense declaration” of a man “who believes to be Napoleon”. The sentence was based on the fact that the 2010 will be the 150 official anniversary of the Unity of Italy date.
But if the almost totality of Italians were giving not importance to the sentence, I immediately captured its occult side. The 2010 will be also the 140th anniversary of the Porta Pia's breach. A not publicized anniversary because it opens the final phase of the “capture of the world” by the Vatican - exactly like that "Capture of Rome" of 1870 hid its dialectical opponent, the Vatican "Capture of the Apennine peninsula". In any case, the contemporary presence of such anniversaries presents interesting numerological coincidence which are confirming the timing of the Novo Ordo Seclorum.

Berlusconi pronounced the ridicolous sentence about those 150 years in the year 2009. The sum of the 14 decades of Porta Pia's breach anniversary and the 15 decades of the Unity of Italy anniversary gives the number 29, the number of the some-months-before occurred Massacre of Viareggio (+). It occurred in June, in the day 29, of the year 2009, at the hour 11:45 hence referring to the couple “2, 9”, two days after the 29th anniversary of the Massacre of Ustica, in the same region where Naldini and Nutarelli took off with their Loocked TF104G "Starfighter" to be present in the scene of the Massacre of Ustica - 29 years ago - to die eight years after in the sequent Massacre of Ramstein, were the spectators of the airshow were murdered in the same manner of the people died in the Massacre of Viareggio (burned and chopped).

Then arrived the month of October. With the number 21 alluding both to the incoming fatal year 2010 and to the 21st anniversary of the Massacre of Ramstein. Can you see now how the Vatican Novo Ordo Seclorum net starts to tie its knots? Or maybe the plan is so incredible and absurd that even the fan of David Icke or The Unhived Mind forum could not believe to its existence?
Of course the allusion to Ramstein Massacre was present in that premiere of the movie produced by the Italian public television broadcast RAI. The movie is “BarbarossA” (yes, with the final capital “A”), and the subject talks about the famous emperor who loved to take the general council of the German empire also in the near-the-Ramstein-Massacre scene city of Kaiserslautern. If interested to see the details see the note (^). The premiere was broadcasted the 2nd day of the 10th month, 2nd October 2009, and hence the above allusion.

Well, if you subtract from the number 21 firstly the number 15 related to those 150th anniversary, and then the number 14 related to the 140th anniversary of Porta Pia's breach you'll get the numbers of the people died on the ground in the Massacre of Ramstein, which is 67.

The importance of the number 29 is related to the moon. The moon phases are slightly longer than 29 days (29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and.... 2.9 seconds!) meanwhile the phases of the tide are related about to 28 days. The cult of Osiris is related to the first 14 days when the sun is going down, disappears, and only its reflex on the moon, a crescent going smaller and smaller as the days are reaching the bottom of the 14th day, recall us of its past rays. So Berlusconi named the visible, enlightened part of the phase, those 15 days (truly 14 days plus some hours) when the Moon is going to the full light Moon. And silenced the dark phase, those initial 14 days, represented by the not spoken, occult 140th anniversary of Porta Pia's breach. An anniversary going towards the “full dark Moon” of the humanity on earth, the full dark tyranny of the Roman Catholich church on the whole planet.

For this reason we have to consider both anniversaries and the numbers representing them. Those numbers are linking the future with the past. The manipulation of the calendar is important for Rome. The numbers of 67 if added give the number 13. The number 13 is not only represented by the 13 flames of Carabineer's hat and those 13 Jews murdered and burned alive in Siena in 1799. Berlusconi was attacked with the incoming darkness of the day 13th of December. And the day is the same when the most evil man on earth in the XX century, general superior of Jesuits order, Wladimir Ledochowsky died. Exactly 67 years ago.

26th General superior of Evil Jesuit order died on 13th December 1942. I leave to you further analysis on the date, I just want to point out that the year of the XX century when he died, is the same of the product of the numbers 6 and 7, which is precisely the 42nd year of the XX century.

Probably you had just noted that the same number 21, used above to obtain the number 67, if we add it two times as consequence of the fact that we have used it two times, one with the number 15 and the other with the number 14, gives again the year of the death of Ledeochowsky, or the number: 42.

So in the Massacre of Ramstein, whose 21st anniversary occurs this year 2009 hence related to the numbers “2, 9”, the number of people burned and chopped alive on ground was the same of an anniversary which it too coincidentally occurs this year the same, the 67th anniversary of the death of fourth most important Superior general of the Jesuit society.
The total amount of the victims of the Ramstein sacrificial ritual were more than 67. To the people died on ground (on the scene of the disaster or later in hospitals) you have to add three died pilots. One of them died on the ground cause the wounds of the impact (the parachute didn't open completely cause the low level of the flight) but we can put him with the group of the “three angels of death” as they were not passive spectator but active carriers of and judgment and punishment in that sacrificial Counter Reformation Satanist ritual.
The three “angels of death” whose figures represent the incoming three years to 2012.

I have finished the exposition. You can continue for yourself analyzing for example the 'fatal' year 2012 and how it represents the 240th anniversary of the last year when the Society of Jesus was still existing before the dismissal of 1773 by Clement XIV . The 240th anniversary of the losing of the Society of Jesus is also the 800th anniversary of the contract with which the Vatican purchased the United Kingdom and “future pertinences” (America, India, etc.), fundamental basis for the Admiralty/Canonical law world financial dominion. The contract was signed on 3rd October 1213, a year whose numbers are present in both dates of Ledochowsky's death and Berlusconi's 'aggression': 12th month and 13th day.


The sum of 15 (150th anniversary) and 14 (140th anniversary) gives just both number 29 alluding to the year 2009

Year 2009 is the 21th year after the Massacre of Ramstein.

The premiere of the movie “BarbarossA” in Milan the day 10-2-2009 (2nd day of the 10th month) alluding to the year 2010 and to the 21th anniversary .

The prime minister Berlusconi announced that the hour of the Viareggio railroad disaster was the 11:45 hence 2:9 hence again 29. The Massacre of Viareggio is linked with the Massacre of Ustica. The Massacre of Ustica is linked with the Massacre of Ramstein (two links – two sides of the triangle).

Third side of the triangular links: Massacre of Ustica and Viareggio linked with Massacre of Ramstein also via number 29 = 14 + 15: the differences 21 minus 15 (Unity of Italy) and minus 14 (P-orta P-ia's/P2 breach anniversary) give 67 which is the number of passive spectators murdered in the Massacre of Ramstein.

The number 67 of Ramstein Massacre ground victims has been evoked in the 67th year after the death of Wladimir Ledochowsky with the Berlusconi 'aggression'.

The sum of 6 and 7 gives the day of Ledochowsky's death and Berlusconi's 'aggression', 13.

The product of 6 and 7 is the same of the double of the number 21 (Ramstein Massacre's anniversary) and gives the year of the XX century when Wladimir Ledochowsky died.

“Double” because number 21 was used twice, with the number 15 and with the number 14.

Hence from the year 1942 to the year 2009 there are 67 years like those 67 ground victims. And from the year 2009 to year 2012 – the “Counter Reformation Judgement day” - there are 3 years like those 3 military pilots who died in the Ramstein Massacre. Hence from 1942 to 2012 the number of years is the same of the total amount of victim in the Ramstein Massacre, 70.

67 years later:

13th December 2009.

Voice of Berlus-Osiris from the Underworld praising the 67th anniversary



(*) December 25, 2009 3:47 PM PST
Chinese dissident receives 11-year sentence
By Andrew Jacobs - The New York Times

(**) Raw Video: Pope Knocked Down at Christmas Mass

Page 6781
25 April 1916
“....ART. 2. As it can not be doubted that the liberty of the press is the most powerful means used by the pretended supporters of the rights of nations to the detrement of those princes, the high contracting parties promise reciprocally to adopt all proper measures to suppress it, not only in their own states but also in the rest of Europe.....”

(****) Wednesday, October 28, 2009 - AMSCHEL MAYER ROTHSCHILD: Knight of Malta
".....“The Knights of Malta are the militia of the Pope, and are sworn to total obedience by a blood oath which is taken extremely seriously and to the death. The Pope as the head of the Vatican is also the head of a foreign national power.”
-”Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences” by Albert G. Mackey 33rd degree Mason, published by the Masonic History Company, Chicago, New York, & London, 1925: (Volume One, pp. 392-95) ......"

Below: Knight of Malta Amschel Mayer Rothschild (1744–1812)

(§) Berlusconi: ''Sono il miglior premier in 150 anni di storia''/Berlusconi: “I am the best premier in 150 years of history”.
Last upgrade: 10 September, hour 19:17 - “...La Maddalena - (Adnkronos ) - I believe sincerely to have been and to be by far the best president of the Council Italy could have ever had in 150 years of its history...”. (“..Credo sinceramente di essere stato e di essere di gran lunga il miglior presidente del Consiglio che l'Italia abbia potuto avere in 150 anni della sua storia..”).

(+) Wednesday, July 01, 2009 - 29 YEARS AGO........ (of course the number of P2-membership of Berlusconi, N° 1816, is the same of the year of restoration of Jesuit-order i.e. 1814 plus 2 = 1816, or 1800 + “fourteenth letter of LATIN alphabet” + “2” or: 1800 + “P2” = 1816; Jesuit-Vatican-Masonic homicidal banalities...).

(^) “Vatican movie to celebrate the Final Vatican Crusade in Europe”
“Again on "B-arbaross-A" Vatican movie”
For the Massacre of Ramstein see: Friday, August 28, 2009 - 28th AUGUST, a day as many others.......

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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The 'Jewish Model' and the Novo Ordo Seclorum

Some ponderations about the importance of the "Jewish Model" as milestone for the building of the gentile Roman Catholic Novo Ordo Seclorum

Jewry represents for Rome the enemy. But at the same time the Harlot utilizes it in order to wipe away any resistance to the Long Vatican March to the world domain.

Jewry, with its concept of “God’s chosen people”, represent the perfect opposite of the Romanist goal. The Novo Ordo Seclorum or New World Order, wants the destruction of any kind of barrier, identity, distinction among humans.

Differences push people to create associations of people who will pursue their identity in a collective organized way. It arises so the danger that that particular individual, social identity, could substitute, in the people’s mind, what the Novo Ordo Seclorum consider the first absolute priority every human have in order to consecrate his life to: the submission to the divine emperor of Rome. Every other finalization in the life of the people is a dangerous threat to the only goal they must have.

As it is impossible to avoid the birth of new kind of individual and collective identities, because this is the natural process of the life (and the same reflex of the Lord’s willing), the traditional, till now used in history method of direct external suppression of it (dictatorship of XX century for example) is no more applicable.

The clash between two identities, one more or less spontaneously generated and one purposely created in order to disintegrate the first one, has been substituted by another approach, more flexible and more invisible. The new approach render impossible the creation of spontaneous differences because it induces inside every new area of homogeneous differentiation new differences which destroy the homogeneity. The war against the ‘secular’ state pursued with the tool of the savage immigration and of the ‘multiracial’ society is a perfect example.

This is the reason for which the Roman Catholic countries have many problems with the society. South America with its continue anarchy and social chaos is an example. France and Italy and their immigrates is another one. A Roman Catholic country, just because Roman Catholic, must be kept always on the edge of the anarchic ruin. The ‘secular’ machine built by the Vatican to manage and manipulate that or this Catholic country is representing all but the divine emperor of Rome. In the dealing with the common civil business, from the garbage to the electoral campaign, the Roman Catholic citizen of a Roman Catholic country has everything in mind but the submission to his divine emperor. It is so intolerable for Rome the normal functioning of a whatever administrative social machine because the normal functioning would demonstrate that the divine emperor and his stupid empire is: useless and a parasite.

An organization created to manage the needs of a society automatically creates an homogeneous area where to operate and so borders and differences hence: individuality. People so realizes to be ‘someone’ and it is this individuality the first goal in their mind, or a goal with an higher degree of priority than the submission to the divine emperor of Rome. It could happen that sometimes Rome chooses to avoid the simple suppression of the irreducible difference and takes the control of a too strong sense of individualism simply presenting itself to it as its ‘defender’. This is the case of Catholand and its central regions, Austria the first one. Communities and societies are extremely closed and their mind structure is the perfect clone of the “God’s chosen people” mind. This is the reason for which the worst anti-Semites came and comes from Austria. To hide to the same there located population the fact that their mind structure and their society are a perfect logical replica of the Jewish society, you must ignite in their minds the fire of “anti-Semitism” which would burn every disturbing not-aligned thoughts. National Socialism crusade is the perfect example and the anti-semite litany about the “the Jews think! – the Jews are plotting!” perfidious attitude, is a formidable evidence of all that (ask Barry Chamish if really today ‘the Jews thinks!’ and wait the answer….).

So the Jewry represents what the Romanist sect hates and fears the most. An individuality which claims to have the divine duty to keep itself separated/different from the others and which put itself in dialogue with the Lord without to be submitted to other different entities. It is clear now that “Jewry” is a deadly danger because it represents the allegoric representation of the same material reality of the abstract concept of “Individuality” – the target N° 1 of Rome.

Atheism is spread also for this reason. If the Jewish model involves even the Lord in the proclamation of an irreducible individuality/difference, this implies that it is a too dangerous model for the rest of Gentile humanity, which, following the original model, could disintegrate in a nanosecond the Novo Ordo Seclorum. Stealing, with the “atheism”, the concept of God to the masses, you can suppress in them the suspect that the same Lord allows and blesses the differences: the Lord is unique for all, but we are all different. It is explained here a deep theological reason for which the Jesuit Continuing Counter Reformation war transformed the Coastal Adriatic Slovenian province in a land of “Bolshevik atheists” to which was opposed the ‘christian’ Irredentist and Fascist Italian mission.
And not forget that if you have too much people following and believing in the unique Lord means too much different visions of Him. It means: differences. So Rome have to subtract the same idea of a divinity from the minds of the great part of their sheeple-points. Today with the atheism, yesterday with the pagan rites and idolatry of the Middle Age churches spread by the Harlot all along the continental Europe.

But for the remaining ‘believers’, the Satanists of the Vatican cannot put in the mouth of their image of (false) Christ words of condemnation against the Individuality. They have only a way to solve the contradiction: to change the significance of the words. This is a task which requires a certain work. First they have to move the lips of their puppet-idol, the psychic image of their false god, to make him to pronounce words of love towards the differentiated humanity populating the planet. Then they propose models of ‘fallible’ or ‘unsuccessful’ differentiation. Many and many models of it. The Matrix for all these models is the “Jewry” which is sanctified in a negative way by Rome the same. The “evil Jews” who pushes people to take care of their proper interests and not the ones of their divine emperor of Rome the pope. How many times did you heard this anti-semite litany? When the process is completed the significance of the words is changed.

The demonizing or the negative sanctification of the Jewry as “the Matrix of all the evil differentiation from and against the World of Rome” is one of the central points of the Novo Ordo Seclorum. You can see it from the importance of Israel in the world media. It is evident that the demolishing of the Middle Age world is synonymous of Jewish emancipation. The Novo Ordo Seclorum was going to introduce the chaos as a tool to govern the world and the “Democracy” was and is the screen which hides the Vatican syringe to inject the controlled chaos in the society. Chaos is a process of differentiation and of consequence also the Jews had to be submitted to such a process of differentiation. The Ghettoes had to be destroyed because the Jews couldn’t remain frozen in them meanwhile the Vatican Genetically Modified ‘freedom of speech’ (the “Enlightenment”) was spreading the pluralism in the world. The single fragments of the compact, frozen Jewish world had to follow every single new subject of the new society in order to make it appear a “Jewish product”. It was the same Vatican to decide the end of the Ghetto age. Stimulating with the use of Masonry the creation of ‘democracy’, he had then to prevent the possible autonomous develop of its ‘revolution’. Associating the Jews with the rising of the state of rights in the world the Vatican found the perfect grain of sand to block the mechanism he the same created, making it appear “Jewish” when the opportunities would have requested – cause a not welcomed use of the principles of enlightenment – or to make it appear “Catholic” when the introduction of freedom was welcomed by the society.

Meanwhile the world was submitted to a process of differentiation, whose true goal was the destruction of the monolithic stability on which the enemies of the Vatican, the secular monarchies in Europe, were based, it had to be created a ‘brake’ in order to stop dangerous further autonomous developments of the same process of the differentiation. The differentiation, that “enlightenment” age, was praised and utilized till the moment it destroyed the Vatican’s monarchic enemies. After it, the process had to be stopped presenting it as the product of the ‘evil Jews’. The Second world war, which completed the Vatican destruction of the central Europe monarchies, is presented by the ‘alternative’ information (purposely choreographed as “more sincere” than the official one) of course as a product of the “Jewish plot”. The end of the last rests of the feudal system in Germany and in the Austrian empire was the premise for the destruction of both. Meanwhile the emancipation was presented in a positive way, after the destruction it is depicted as a ‘product of the Jewish plot’. The trick is simple: the ‘official’ information doesn’t speak at all about those arguments or speaks about them in a very boring way or with purposely added exaggerations. Then the ‘alternative’ information has at disposition a totally free stage and the spotlights to describe those events as “product of the Jewish plot”. Radical right wing present it in a 'politically un-correct' way, the radical left area is the promoter of the 'politically correct' "Jewish plot" theory. The Italian site “Comedonchisciotte” where both correct and not-correct styles are joining themselves, is a wonderful example of what I described.
The final result of this manipulation of the world event and history is the demonizing of every subject who refuses to submit to the Vatican world agenda. The fact that it puts the proper interests against and/or over the ones of the Vatican world agenda of dominance is immediately associated to the Jewish Model (and the linked "American imperialism model") which represents the perfect ideal Roman Catholic theological model of “Who-is-Not-submitted-to-Rome”.



(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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Continuing Counter Reformation Censorship?

Why the last message of Douglas Willinger in his Continuing Counter Reformation blog, posted on Friday, 17 July, has not yet been putted in the blog's list of my blogs - "the Vatican crusade in the Balkans" and "Avles Beluskes Exposed"?

Why his message, I posted too in my blogs, is not yet on the Continuing Counter Reformation blogs' list?

The original darkened message of Douglas Willinger (till today the 26th July not yet appeared on my blogs' list):

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Wlodimir Ledochowski Kulturkampf Revenge

....and the original message of Douglas Willinger and their post on my Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute and Avles Beluskes Exposed which have not yet putted on the Countinuing Counter Reformation blogs' list:

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Here you have your 'charitable' church of the 7 Hills...

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A Censored Message

Continuing Counter Reformation Censorship?

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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The geometry of the Novo Ordo Seclorum - 2

Arrogance, Lie and Fear, the triangle of Virgo

The terrestrial representation of the Virgo constellation is not an idle speculation. The sides of the triangle are representing the geometrical articulation of the deep, occult manipulation of human society and hence of the human psyche. The occult societies, the institutions, the parties which fill the institutions, the cultural organizations, all are linked in an abstract net that reflexes itself in a material net. To destroy the soul you need to control the mind of the body hosting that soul. Every mind must fix with the others surrounding it. This is a necessity for the survival of the society, but that necessity has been exploited to transform it in a very powerful means at the service of the Evil. A monstrous gear which, transforming the single minds in steely gear wheels, subtract them to the power of the single individuality and submit them to the ‘general dynamic movement’ of the surrounding machine. The soul then is constrained to follow the non sense movement of the mind, remaining framed in its teeth, then dragged outside where the gears will destroy it. The ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ of our XY Vatic(flat)land plane are a farce. They are only the tolerance granted to the single gear wheel/sheeple point to find his best, personal, way to submit to the collective (insect) mind. So the organization of the minds is pursued also through the organization of the bodies. And the organization of the masses of bodies is pursued through the organization of their physical containers, the cities and the buildings. What they are obsessively denying in public, they obsessively are worshipping in secret, i.e. the absolute domain of the ideal abstract sphere of reality on the material world. They celebrate in every second the(ir) “Triumph des Willens”, also with the static presence of the(ir) invisible geometrical lines on the territory. The secret and the occultism, through which they impose the(ir) will to the world, is the dark mirror where that will reflects itself, on the below XY Vatic(flat)land, in the grotesque, banal diverting image of a chaotic world dominated by the impersonal matter and by the blind animal instincts.


The side C of the triangle , together with the side ‘B’, it is generated by the Mary pillar or “The Golden Madonna”, located on the top of a triangular square (in this case not a squared or a ‘virgo-like’ triangle). As I told in the previous post # 1, that square is entitled to Giuseppe Garibaldi. An excerpt from the part I:


It remains the third corner (#3), the third angle necessary to draw the side B and the side C. It is sited in a triangular square, the square entitled to Garibaldi. Giuseppe Garibaldi was a mason:

"...An active freemason, Garibaldi had little use for rituals, but thought of masonry as a network to unite progressive men as brothers both within nations and as members of a global community. He was eventually elected the grand master of the Grand Orient of Italy....".

At the top of a pillar, on the corner, shaping the angle where the sides C and B are converging, there’s the statue of the Madonna, taking the celestial place of the star Regulus:

…………etc. …etc.

-----------------------END OF THE QUOTE-------------------

The golden statue of Mary is looking to a precise direction, not exactly straight down the side C but, a degree or a fraction of degree out of that ideal side. The far away target to which Mary is starring is the Marian temple, a giant Sumerian-like church well visible from many kilometres of distance from the sea, which is sited approximately to the North of the city, over the coastal edge of the Karst highland, just over the coast. As she, with her sight and hands, would link both the far away temple and her preys entangled all along the arrogant side of the triangle.

The first very important building you encounter all along the side C, is the seat of the Grande Oriente d’Italia (1), at the civic number 20 of the main street Umberto Saba. I leave to you further ruminations about the civic number 20 and its links with that deceptive strategy of self-attack of the 20th September 1870. It is not a surprise to encounter in an exoteric geometrical straight line, blessed by a Roman Catholic Madonna, the seat of the vicarious of the Rebelling Angel. Both are of course expression of the same unity and identity which likes very much to play with the below sheeople points showing to them now a side, later another one of its ugly body. But remains well clear and fixed, even in the allusive metaphorical urban architecture of these incredible nets of power, that the threads are generated by the mother-spider, and use them to control her creatures, as allusively the hands of the Golden Madonna seems to do, with the arms in the same posture of a person controlling with threads an animal or a prey. The invisible spider threads starting from the golden hands of the ‘virgin’ Mary are passing, invisible presence above the heads of an hallucinated and ignorant population, through the material walls and buildings, to tie and control not only the bodies, but especially the souls of her slaves. Like flies captured in a spider net, they are shacking themselves in their golden cages, producing that anaesthetizing rain of chaos which will confuse and make turbid the below low world.

The second important building (2) encountered by the C side involves my life personally. When I was child sometimes my parents brought me to that palace once seat of the Theosophical society. My parents started to frequent it now and then and I was constrained to remain a pair of hours in that (for a child) very boring and insensitive intellectual environment. Then the society moved in another seat. This palace is directly looking onto the Carlo Goldoni square, with its Regulus pillar. In the middle of the seventies it became the seat of a local political formation, the “List for Trieste” (“Lista per Trieste”, shortly: LPT), whose principal goal was to stop the building of a large industrial conglomerate on the highlands near the city. The industrial conglomerate was a result of an international Italian and Yugoslav document (Osimo agreements) who was settlings many post war disputes among both states. But the true goal of it was the creation of the usual political and ideological clash in the society to better manipulate it. Boss of the LPT was the Sovereign and Grand Commendatore of the Ancient and Accepted Scottisch Rite of Italy from 1977 to 1986 and then Honorary Grand Master of the Grande Oriente d’Italia, the Irredentist but of Slavic (= ‘barbarian’) origins Manlio Cecovini. The town from which his ancestors came is the Slovenian town of Cekovini on the Karst highlands. You can start to see now how the Roman Catholic hands of the Golden Idol Mary, in the far away Garibaldi square, are more and more rolled up and hidden in many layers of ‘secular’, ‘lay’ costumes: the Masonic layer, the political layer, the cultural layer, etc. Exactly like the theological core of the Irredentism is rolled up with diverting ‘nationalist’, ‘cultural’, ‘ethnic’, ‘historical’ questions: the Grande Oriente d’Italia, one among the very proud Jesuitical forges of the anti-Slavic hate, an hate well hidden in the nationalistically correct sheath of the “Italian national emancipation”, did the perfect purchase with the ‘barbarian’ orgin Manlio Cecovini, acquiring one of the most convinced player of the team directly from the enemy lines. As the political ages passed, and as the old apparent superficial order of the world ruined, the new order of servants was confirmed by the substitution, on the stage of the political Broadway, of the old Lista per Trieste party/LPT wreckage, with the brand new Forza Italia party battle-ship officially founded and headed by the member n. 1816 of Gelli lodge, the Constantine order Silvio Berlusconi. Remember, the mom of the subversion in the country was (and is) always the Grande Oriente d’Italia, whose Grand Master Lino Salvini appointed Licio Gelli with a very special task: to found the ‘unifying’ lodge Propaganda 2 or shortly P2. Should I mention to you how much the violence of the radical leftist, provoked by the attempts of coupe and by the bombs of the ‘Fascists’, pushed, in turn, many people to support the ‘anti-communist’ (but pro-Ceausescu) P2 lodge? So it is not strange that the Forza Italia party, a party that should eternally thanks the Marxist subversion and terrorism of Red Brigades, has the seat just in the same civic number of the still today existing Lista per Trieste of the Sovereign Honorary Grand Master and Grand Son of a B**** Manlio Cecovini.

Magic number 6!! Here you have the seat of Lista per Trieste, the once seat of Theosophical society and the seat of Forza Italia party of P2 Constantine order Berlusconi!! Walk to the right on the same side of the street for less than ten seconds and you have the magic civic number 20, the address of the Grande Oriente d’Italia!! What do you want still gain from life?! (always double exclamation mark, as the double pillar…)

........And going down street Umberto Saba, right to the above entry, you first encounter after a ten of metres the Grande Oriente d'Italia seat and then you see in the far Garibaldi square the golden idol, the golden 'virgin' Mary controlling her preys ....:

I don’t have finished with the side ‘C’ because now I will go just some tens of metres beyond the border of the triangle drawn by the Arcturus pillar and beyond the side A. Yes, because there’s another very interesting palace looking to the CD-box /Arcturus pillar, a palace which is of course drilled by the ideal prosecution of the side C coming directly from the hands of the ‘virgin’ Mary. This palace hosts the seat of the most strong ally of the Silvio Berlusconi’s party, the soft Fascist party Alleanza Nazionale/National Alliance (3), whose offices are too laying on the prosecution of the side C. Alleanza Nazionale or shortly: AN, is the heir of the once post-war Fascist party Movimento Sociale Italiano (shortly: MSI), a party who was the ideological mom of all the radical and extreme subversive violent political organizations for 50 years after the end of the war, for example the formation “Avanguardia Nazionale”, “Ordine Nuovo”, Fascists like Stefano delle Chiaie, formations and soldiers that built the divertive Sun Tzu operation then named: “The Strategy of the Tension”. And it was always the P2 guy n. 1816, Silvio Berlusconi, the one who, in the electoral campaign of 1994, dragged, from the political exile, the post-war Fascist party MSI at the centre of the political stage legitimising it with the new name: Alleanza Nazionale. Now both strong P2 allies are one in front of the other, with Arcturus in the middle, and with the seat of Unione degli Istriani shaping the third corner of this new ideal mini-triangle encircling Carlo Goldoni square. Just for your knowledge, Carlo Goldoni was a Mason too.

To conclude with this short tour around the corner of Arcturus, lightly outside the triangle, but firmly involved in its ‘spiritual’ perverted significance, I have to mention another very interesting element which represents in itself the occult engineering of a nearly two centuries of Counter Reformation war and disguised Vatican crusades in these regions of Europe. The National Alliance party – with the exceptions of the extra parliamentary and radical right wing groups which still today are supporting the return to the power of the Fascist regime and another invasion of Slovenia and Croatia to regain the ‘lost Italian lands’ – National Alliance, I was telling, is the party the most present among the Italian police forces, and it is, among the ‘democratic’ and parliamentary parties, the one which defends the “Italian identity of the Italian lands today under foreign administration” with the most ardour. But under which ‘foreign state’ are today the great part of the “once Italian lands”? Today is the Croat state the one that includes in itself the greatest part of the regions where the Italians were living in many towns and villages. Not the Slovenian state. If you would do a tour towards the internet sites and forums of the radical right wing supporters of the “coming back to Italy of the old Italian lands under foreign domination”, you’ll notice that the propaganda about the “tens of thousands of Italians” who should have been executed and thrown in the underground natural holes by Tito’s army, are regarding for great part the Croat territory. Now I will not deepen the argument, it will be developed in the Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute blog. What matters to know here is the fact that just a pair of metres from the provincial (and regional I suppose as Trieste is the capital of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region) seat of the most warm nationalist party of Italy, the A.N. party which is born from the ashes of the M.S.I. party whose hardcore went built up with the former members of the special milita of Junio Valerio Borghese’s X MAS, a Fascist milita which raged on the ‘barbarian Slavic population’ with many bloody acts during WWII and under the NATO Gladio occult militia in the post-war age, well, just in the near bordering building there’s the Croatian consulate (4). Face-to-face. And between them, as occult theological cement that ties in a secret brotherhood the apparent enemies, a Turkish kebab pub (5): how could you present to yourself a more efficient and explicit image of the Romanist Catho-Islamic Steel pact?

The fooling tales of Marx and his disciples, the ‘materialist dialectic scientists’ of the Socialism, are the ones that helped to hide such a sinister geometry. With its immobility that passes through the chaos of the ages and of the lives, the buildings, the monuments, the streets and all the urban architecture represents perfectly the triumph of the will, which, meanwhile the surrounding world of the humanity gripped in its material distraction moves continually to die in the eternal regenerative circle, in the bricks and stone of those architectural urban temples, like a divine manifestation of a superior immaterial willing, the secret net of the power remains perfectly equal to itself through the ages, keeping the separation from the below material world also in the time.


South to the side C of the triangle, starting also from the ‘virgin’ golden Mary, you have the side B which joins the Garibaldi square and its Madonna with the pentagonal “Victory” obelisk

Well, when you start to go through the abstract line the first noticeable encounter is a gun shop (1) facing the Garibaldi square. Aiming to the ‘victory’, and in honour to ‘virgin’ Mary/Isis/Athena, this is not a very strange fact. I remember that the gun with which the Yugoslav king Alexander I was murdered, was purchased in a gun shop of this city, the Angelini’s gun shop. I couldn’t find a source for it in the web, the news was given to me years ago by people who knows well the history of the Balkans and of the past wars of the last two centuries. Probably the information is contained in old books today no more reprinted and (by the Romish-Masonic manipulation of the historical memory) practically disappeared also from the antiquate books shops.

The next encounter is the new seat of the Theosophical society (2), of which I talked about above. The society moved from the old seat where Lista per Trieste and now the Forza Italia party have their headquarters - main street Umberto Saba 6 – to the civic number 3 of Enrico Toti street. Another reference to the Irredentism – another (occult) reference to the Counter Reformation larva hidden inside the Irredentism. It is interesting to see how the society of Blavatsky moved on the other opposite side of the triangle, but continuing to remain framed inside the same constellation of powers.

After the new seat of the Theosophical society, you do the most important encounter of this side, the provincial headquarter of the most powerful trade union of Italy, the (once) Partito Comunista Italiano controlled C.G.I.L. trade union (C.G.I.L. stands for “Italian General Confederation of Labour) (3). Only in the last year its enormous power has bee clearly reduced but don’t think to a real fight from which the CGIL exited weakened. With the 2008 parliamentary elections v-ictory of Constantine order Silvio Berlusconi, every power controlled by the V-atican in the peninsula had to do its best to keep free the road of the P2 government in the organization of the occult solemn 140th anniversary of the entry of Savoy’s army in Rome – a 140 years long awaited Roman Catholic revenge. The CGIL can move a very large social layer, and can put in difficulty every kind of government. It receives many millions of Euro of financial support from the same state – as well the other two principal trade unions do – in order to carry out many assistance and welfare services for the workers. CGIL is linked with the former Democratici di Sinistra (Democrats of Left) party, the heir of old Communist party. Today, with the melting of the heir of the old Communist controllers in the giant centre-left born-again‘Christian’ ‘democratic’ party nicknamed “Partito Democratico”, the traditional role of the communist oriented trade union is no more necessary. But they have still to maintain a sort of ‘credibility’. So, to not appear supporters of the P2ist government and to loose credibility, it went instigated an opportune war among the CGIL and the other two important trade unions, the UIL and CISL who broke the unitary front. Now the trade unions, thanks to this war, is weakened. So the UIL and CISL trade unions have the necessary alibi to accept the low conditions imposed by Constantine order government without to appear “traitors of the workers”. At the opposite, the CGIL can give his occult approval to the new contracts of labour with P2 Berlusconi under the disguise of the impossibility to stop it, because the CGIL now has the alibi of the clash with the other trade unions which hinders its leadership to participate to the discussions of the agreements. You have here the perfect application of the Maoist motto: “It doesn’t matter the colour (the strategy) of the cat, what matters is that he could be able to catch the mouse (to paralyse and fool the society)”. So, thanks to a providential breaking of the historical alliance among the three big trade unions, P2 government of Constantine order Berlusconi has for real paved the way to finally carry the nation in the Vatican Hell.

The seat of CGIL is so a very important point of this Triangle of Evil. The Communist parties are the perfect realization of the concept of “false friend”. The Partito Comunista Italiano had, among the founders, a certain Antony Gramsci, from the Savoy’s Sardinia Island, a man coming from a family linked with the Carabineers army and with the Spanish nobility. You have also to keep in mind that the ‘star’ lying on the other side of the triangle, the Grande Oriente d’Italia, masonry so strictly linked with centre-right Forza Italia party, was the true patron and protector of the birth of the Marxist parties in Italy. The first Socialist member of Italian reign’s parliament, Andrea Costa, was Grand Master of Gran Oriente d’Italia and 32° Scottish Rite. The role of the historical Socialist party and its army of lawyer men, judges, politicians, etc., will never be with sufficient force exposed, in its work to protect, defend, support the founding of the Partito Comunista Italiano. The Fascist threat of the twenties joined both leftist factions whose exponents were on opposite fronts during WWI (Socialist interveners vs. anti-war radical revolutionaries). The P.C.I. was founded after that ‘victory’ in 1921, and it gathered the old Socialist opponents to the war. But the Fascist squads acted in order to join both leftist fronts. And for another Jesuit-Masonic coincidence, just a pair of hundreds of metres away from today’s CGIL seat, in the same Goldoni square, some tens of metres away from Grande Oriente d’Italia barrack, from Unione degli Istriani headquarter, etc., there was once the seat of one of the three most important workers’ daily in the entire post-First-world war Italy: the Socialist newspaper “Il Lavoratore” –. The grandfather of a person I know, was inside its seat, among the defenders, that day in the early twenties when the Fascist squads assaulted and burned it.

The Communist party became very important in the question of the nationality of the city. During the WWII, ‘provvidential’ Nazi and Fascist raids beheaded the native clandestine heads of the party – among them Luigi Frausin . They were men really linked with the city and the territory, who were representing a true part of the native workers of the city. But they represented a disturbing third part that had to be suppressed. During WWII there were just ready the plans for the post-war Novo Ordo Seclorum cold war, a choreographed 50 years of ideological and ethnic confrontation triggered just by the international spread “Question of Trieste.

Probably you just know all the stuff I am going to expose below, in any case I need now to give a short refresh about the true origins of the Communism. The Communist parties were founded to realize many tasks: for the Vatican crusades and the Counter Reformation war in Eurasia. Meanwhile in Italy and Germany they had only the duty to instigate the “necessity to create a force to fight the Bolshevik threat” (respectively Fascism and Nazism), and consequently once triggered the Jesuit black tide the Revolutionary movement in Central Europe went scrapped, in Russia the Communism won the power as there it had the task to materially realize the revenge of Rome against the Byzantine Christians heretics, cutting the throat once for all to the cursed, damned ‘heretic’ Romanov dynasty. The Romanov were representing a dynasty linked with the ancient Palaeologolus of Byzantium. When the Muslims were approaching Constantinople and Rome conveniently turned the head - true bitch of the Hell - from the other side to not see the dirty job of her occult ally with the crescent, some Palaeologus took refugee in Russia and joined the Russian bloodlines. Rome continued to plot against Mother Russia, using her devoted and trustful Hospitalier/Malta knights and her true master, the Jesuit order in order first to infiltrate and destabilize the Orthodox Russia, in order then to radically destroy her. The sinister shadow of both evil Vatican presences are so, with a perfect historical parallelism reproduced in a sort of down scaled model layout, also in the city of Trieste. In fact the side B of the evil triangle, passing through the provincial and regional headquarter of the most powerful Communist controlled Italian trade union, continues towards the top of saint Justus hill, passing through a flight of steps with the official civic name of “Capuchins’ Flight of Step” (4). Whoever did know at least a little about the true Romanist background of Joseph Stalin, will immediately understand the very important significance of this geometrical and town planning allusion. Josiph Stalin, a Roman Catholic born guy, after having frequented the basic Roman Catholic school, entered in a ‘Orthodox’ seminary. But we know well how much ambiguous is the term ‘Orthodox’ if not accompanied with the right information. Many ‘Orthodox’ churches of the East are in fact submitted and recognize the authority of the pope of Rome – keeping formal and apparent systems of rituals who are not the Roman Catholic official ones. They, the good faith of their faithful and of the low level clergy have been and are used by Rome as a vector to infiltrate the enemy, i.e. to infiltrate what remains of true and sincere Orthodox Christendom. The same Stalin admitted in an interview the presence of the Jesuit order in the ‘Orthodox seminary’ where he, after the usual fatal and allegoric number of 7 years, was, with the most probability, ‘consecrated’ Jesuit priest. At those times the Jesuit order was still banned from Russia. In March 1820 Czar Alexander I expelled the evil order of Loyola cause the continue subversive and criminal activity aimed to destroy the legitimate monarchy of Russia. The Jesuits in fact consider themselves allowed to use all the evil means of Satan in order to wipe away from the earth the ones who dares to not kneels in front of their pagan divinity on earth, the pope. So the Society of Loyola used one among its preferred disguise to operate in East ‘heretic’ Orthodox Eurasia: the Capuchin order. For such goals, and for a century long, the Jesuit order operated in Russia also through that disguise. The evil Lenin worked for the goals of the Loyola Order under the alibi of the “Bolshevik revolution”, exterminating the Czar reigning family. Together with the Capuchins of the General Superior, another sinister presence in Russia, which was too benevolently hosted by its ‘deadly’ Red atheist enemy, were the knights of Malta. So it is not a quantum mechanical coincidence the fact that we find nearly in contact and laying on the same ideal side, a powerful explicit reference to the two occult allies strongly tied in the destruction of Russia and her genuine Byzantine religious core. Immediately south to the “Capuchins Flight of Step” there’s the Italian rescue section of the German based Johanniter orden, the Italian S.O.G.I.T. (5) which has the national headquarter just in the city of Trieste. The German order of saint John (Johanniterorden), as its brother English St. John order headed by the queen, is one among the orders controlled by the Roman Catholic Malta/Hospitalier order. So you should be not surprised to find also the regional seat of the Red Cross, and its logistic facilities consisting in garages for the rescue-cars and ambulances, bordering south to the S.O.G.I.T./Johanniterorden seat (6).

It is indisputable that the “Gateway to the East”, as the Novo Ordo Seclorum surnamed (with a clear allusion to the Masonic arch of saint Justus) this sad city, is of a certain importance for the world crusade. The grand master of the Hospitalier/Malta order, Ferdinand von Hompesch zu Bolheim, after the Jesuits using their Napoleon Bonaparte as a boot, kicked him and his order out of Malta, landed in this city directly from the island, and was here that the plots of the Jesuits and the order of Malta started to deepen their damned work to infiltrate Mother Russia. Again the history repeats itself, with some changing. As the Templar ‘persecuted’ could infiltrate the Great Britain so the ‘persecuted’ Hospitalier knights of the pope’ could infiltrate in such a way Russia. Result: Czarist, Orthodox Russia was, at the end of XIX century, one of the most “Maltized” reigns on heart.

Trade unions, Revolutions, Jesuits, Bolsheviks, Capuchins, Hospitaliers, …. What do you want more from the life? So, after having exposed all those theological connections shaping this side of the evil triangle, you’ll be not surprised about the conclusion of this amazing tour all along the “Lie”. Before to finally reach our ‘beloved’ V-ictory obelisk on the top of saint Justus hill, just some tens of feet from the Johanniterorden seat, from the regional headquarter of the Red Cross, from the most powerful Communist-oriented trade union and from the “Capuchin Flight of Steps”, there’s the official Capuchin church of the city, the Saint Appollinare Capuchin church (7). The address? Capitolina street. Civic number: 14……

“Give me a fourteen and I can enslave the world”:


We are arrived now to the terrestrial material image of Spica. It is there up, on the saint Justus hill, the obelisk with double pentagonal face erected in honour to visit of Mussonlini to the city in 1938. Together with the near War memorial it celebrates the victory of the Italian Savoy reign against the Hapsburg and Hohenzollern monarchies: all around in the park there are hundreds of plaques with the names of the fallen Italian soldiers during WWI. As “victory/vittoria” is simply the Roman Latin name for the same deity called by the Greeks “Nike”, you have here another costume of ‘virgin’ Mary. Together with the pillar/obelisk of Goldoni square, here you have the side A, maybe the most important side. It has not the impressive amount of occult presences like the other sides, but notwithstanding that, it has a great symbolic importance.

I would here just repeat again what I observed in the first part of the “Geometry of the Novo Ordo Seclorum”. There I stated that, exactly like the one represented in the astronomical maps, our terrestrial triangle is pointing down to the imaginary soil with about the same degrees as does the one in the sky in the month of August and in such geographical altitudes. And exactly like the astronomical maps are showing the horizon cutting off from the sight the stars Spica and Regulus, so also the terrestrial triangle has a reference to the astronomical horizon, with the side A ‘cutted’ about its middle point by a tunnel which starts to enter in the hill. The intention is to represents in a sort of allusion the terrestrial superficial body (the hill) and the tunnel as sort of well in communication with the Underworld. If that was not sufficient, both pillars/stars under the imaginary line of the horizon/tunnel/well (the corner “Spica” and “Regulus” and the ‘underground’ portion of the side C), are enlightened by sources of lights putted outside of their bodies (usual spotlights of the monuments sited on near walls or buildings), as they were passive, inert, dead bodies, enlightened only by torches; or like cold planet enlightened only by an external sun. But the star/pillar, the Arcuturs pillar, which is sited over (on the map: north to the entry of the tunnel) the imaginary horizon/tunnel/well, in the below Goldoni square, has the source of light within, so it shines of proper light, like a living being, like a star. It is known that the sun and the stars are shining of proper, inner light. They, like the Goldoni square pillar surrounded by the Forza Italia and Alleanza Nazionale party seats and by the seat of the Unione degli Istriani, are the metaphor of the living beings. The others are a metaphor of the dead being, whose ghost is enlightened and kept alive only by the sinister lights coming outside of them, recalled to life, like goyms, by their ‘master’.

I mentioned the seat of the Unione degli Istriani. It faces the Goldoni square, but belongs to the side A of the triangle (1). Remember, representatives of the Unione degli Istriani were present at the ‘last lunch’ of the Charintian Osiris, Joerg Haider.

As the side A leave the square and start to pass through the well/tunnel, just little over the entry of our imaginary “tunnel/well to the underworld”, we have the former seat of the daily “Il Piccolo” (2), founded by an Irredentist in the very symbolic year 1881, a symbolism so powerful that they wrote the number with giant characters on the wall of the building to gain visibility from the blow square (see pics of the first part of “Geometry of N.O.S.”). The Jesuit-Masonic daily was (is) the fundamental tool to manipulate the information and to control the brains of the inhabitants of the city, keeping the Counter Reformation war well outside the perception of their intellectual faculties. After the side is starting to approach the metaphoric underworld, a tens of metres after its entry, on the “Giants’ Flight of Steps” (3) which has been built some years before WWI (and not after the coming of Italy here, as I erroneously stated in the previous post) in order to represents a sort of ‘Sumerian’ fish, you find the entry of the once Evangelical-Methodist cemetery, now the Methodist church (4) of the Methodist community of the city. And just around its walls, in a zone I have not yet identified with precision, but that is sited approximately near the former Evangelical cemetery, you had the old Jewish cemetery (5), the one praised by the famous (Jewish by the mother) poet and man of letters of Trieste, whose name has been given to the main street where the Gran Oriente d’Italia has its headquarter, Umberto Saba. Main street Umberto Saba, remember, is the main street passed through by the side C of the triangle. Please, note that the ‘underground’ half of the side A is that half sited over that ‘underworld’ symbolized by the tunnel and its fish-mouth shaped entry, and is that short segment of the side A limiting the portion of the triangle involving the entire side B and part of the side C. The ‘underworld’ part of the side C is the one ‘flying’ over the streets Saba and Oriani, without to pass through any building. The seat of Grande Oriente d’Italia, at the number 20 of Main street Saba, seems to be sited just on that twilight zone, the crepuscolare zone among the Underworld and the Sunny portions of the triangle, the zone of the reality where the vicarious of Prometeus operate in order to ‘charitable’ carry to the men that fire which then will burn them for the sake of the vicarious of the divine cone, the divine emperor of Rome. Is maybe for this reason that they named the main street with the nickname of the famous poet of Trieste? Surely, because the Umberto Saba is not the true name of Umberto Poli, but the artistic pen name he chose for himself. And the Novo Ordo Seclorum couldn’t choose, for the side of the triangle where his vicarious of Prometeus are working to evocate the ‘underworld’ entities, anything else but such a name, which symbolizes the “Sabbath”. It corresponds to the “Akelarre” (Sabbat) ritual, and originary, according to the Canon Episcopi, it defined the ritual encounter of the witches with the Roman deity which was the emblem of chastity, Diana, another infernal sister of “V-irgo” or “V-ittoria”. As the main street dedicated to the Sabbat hosts the vicarious of the Rebelling Angel, it couldn’t pass without mention the work of a probably by them influenced Charles Godfrey Leland who considered Diana the pagan deity protector of the people oppressed by the church of Rome. Charles, coherently with the goal of the Vatican Novo Ordo Seclorum, was another servant of the vicarious of Prometeus who spreads the Counter Reformation smoke just among the same oppressed layer of the society he intended to free. And Rome, only to not see dragged away from her tentacles her faithful by the cursed & damned “Salvation through only Faith In Jesus”, is disposed to spread its form of Romish ‘protestantism’, in other word: “salvation through only pagan deities”. The model of theological war was very successful, and today we can see applied it in every form in our poor, by the Romanist cultural misery flagellated, societies. And applied everywhere, thanks especially to the work of such bunch of servants of the Rebelling Angels like the ones dressed in ridiculous costumes doing ridiculous Luciferian rites in main street Saba n. 20.

Well, we are now near the end of the tour around this abominable triangular sewer of the Antichrist. The last place that close the evil figure of course finds its natural location at the feet of Vittoria/Spica obelisk and is that Park of the Remembrance (6) which is literally covered by hundreds of plaques and memorial reporting the names of dead Italian soldiers of the first World war – the conflict which started the Second Thirty Years war of Jesuits in Eurasia (1914 – 1945). Remember for another time the very central role of Italy for the destiny of that first war; and of the very central role of the “Irredentist question of Trieste which influenced that very central role of Italy: the betrayal of the alliance with Germany and Austria. Among the grass of the park the names of the fallen for that Satanic betrayal, the names of the Sacrificed or Opfern dedicated to V-ittoria/Nike/V-irgo. And so another monument to the below symbolized Underworld, to the Death.

Another involuntary, casual, unaware coincidence?

Rat-lines in Trieste

Rat-lines in Washington, D.C.


(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)