Sunday, October 4, 2009

The 'Jewish Model' and the Novo Ordo Seclorum

Some ponderations about the importance of the "Jewish Model" as milestone for the building of the gentile Roman Catholic Novo Ordo Seclorum

Jewry represents for Rome the enemy. But at the same time the Harlot utilizes it in order to wipe away any resistance to the Long Vatican March to the world domain.

Jewry, with its concept of “God’s chosen people”, represent the perfect opposite of the Romanist goal. The Novo Ordo Seclorum or New World Order, wants the destruction of any kind of barrier, identity, distinction among humans.

Differences push people to create associations of people who will pursue their identity in a collective organized way. It arises so the danger that that particular individual, social identity, could substitute, in the people’s mind, what the Novo Ordo Seclorum consider the first absolute priority every human have in order to consecrate his life to: the submission to the divine emperor of Rome. Every other finalization in the life of the people is a dangerous threat to the only goal they must have.

As it is impossible to avoid the birth of new kind of individual and collective identities, because this is the natural process of the life (and the same reflex of the Lord’s willing), the traditional, till now used in history method of direct external suppression of it (dictatorship of XX century for example) is no more applicable.

The clash between two identities, one more or less spontaneously generated and one purposely created in order to disintegrate the first one, has been substituted by another approach, more flexible and more invisible. The new approach render impossible the creation of spontaneous differences because it induces inside every new area of homogeneous differentiation new differences which destroy the homogeneity. The war against the ‘secular’ state pursued with the tool of the savage immigration and of the ‘multiracial’ society is a perfect example.

This is the reason for which the Roman Catholic countries have many problems with the society. South America with its continue anarchy and social chaos is an example. France and Italy and their immigrates is another one. A Roman Catholic country, just because Roman Catholic, must be kept always on the edge of the anarchic ruin. The ‘secular’ machine built by the Vatican to manage and manipulate that or this Catholic country is representing all but the divine emperor of Rome. In the dealing with the common civil business, from the garbage to the electoral campaign, the Roman Catholic citizen of a Roman Catholic country has everything in mind but the submission to his divine emperor. It is so intolerable for Rome the normal functioning of a whatever administrative social machine because the normal functioning would demonstrate that the divine emperor and his stupid empire is: useless and a parasite.

An organization created to manage the needs of a society automatically creates an homogeneous area where to operate and so borders and differences hence: individuality. People so realizes to be ‘someone’ and it is this individuality the first goal in their mind, or a goal with an higher degree of priority than the submission to the divine emperor of Rome. It could happen that sometimes Rome chooses to avoid the simple suppression of the irreducible difference and takes the control of a too strong sense of individualism simply presenting itself to it as its ‘defender’. This is the case of Catholand and its central regions, Austria the first one. Communities and societies are extremely closed and their mind structure is the perfect clone of the “God’s chosen people” mind. This is the reason for which the worst anti-Semites came and comes from Austria. To hide to the same there located population the fact that their mind structure and their society are a perfect logical replica of the Jewish society, you must ignite in their minds the fire of “anti-Semitism” which would burn every disturbing not-aligned thoughts. National Socialism crusade is the perfect example and the anti-semite litany about the “the Jews think! – the Jews are plotting!” perfidious attitude, is a formidable evidence of all that (ask Barry Chamish if really today ‘the Jews thinks!’ and wait the answer….).

So the Jewry represents what the Romanist sect hates and fears the most. An individuality which claims to have the divine duty to keep itself separated/different from the others and which put itself in dialogue with the Lord without to be submitted to other different entities. It is clear now that “Jewry” is a deadly danger because it represents the allegoric representation of the same material reality of the abstract concept of “Individuality” – the target N° 1 of Rome.

Atheism is spread also for this reason. If the Jewish model involves even the Lord in the proclamation of an irreducible individuality/difference, this implies that it is a too dangerous model for the rest of Gentile humanity, which, following the original model, could disintegrate in a nanosecond the Novo Ordo Seclorum. Stealing, with the “atheism”, the concept of God to the masses, you can suppress in them the suspect that the same Lord allows and blesses the differences: the Lord is unique for all, but we are all different. It is explained here a deep theological reason for which the Jesuit Continuing Counter Reformation war transformed the Coastal Adriatic Slovenian province in a land of “Bolshevik atheists” to which was opposed the ‘christian’ Irredentist and Fascist Italian mission.
And not forget that if you have too much people following and believing in the unique Lord means too much different visions of Him. It means: differences. So Rome have to subtract the same idea of a divinity from the minds of the great part of their sheeple-points. Today with the atheism, yesterday with the pagan rites and idolatry of the Middle Age churches spread by the Harlot all along the continental Europe.

But for the remaining ‘believers’, the Satanists of the Vatican cannot put in the mouth of their image of (false) Christ words of condemnation against the Individuality. They have only a way to solve the contradiction: to change the significance of the words. This is a task which requires a certain work. First they have to move the lips of their puppet-idol, the psychic image of their false god, to make him to pronounce words of love towards the differentiated humanity populating the planet. Then they propose models of ‘fallible’ or ‘unsuccessful’ differentiation. Many and many models of it. The Matrix for all these models is the “Jewry” which is sanctified in a negative way by Rome the same. The “evil Jews” who pushes people to take care of their proper interests and not the ones of their divine emperor of Rome the pope. How many times did you heard this anti-semite litany? When the process is completed the significance of the words is changed.

The demonizing or the negative sanctification of the Jewry as “the Matrix of all the evil differentiation from and against the World of Rome” is one of the central points of the Novo Ordo Seclorum. You can see it from the importance of Israel in the world media. It is evident that the demolishing of the Middle Age world is synonymous of Jewish emancipation. The Novo Ordo Seclorum was going to introduce the chaos as a tool to govern the world and the “Democracy” was and is the screen which hides the Vatican syringe to inject the controlled chaos in the society. Chaos is a process of differentiation and of consequence also the Jews had to be submitted to such a process of differentiation. The Ghettoes had to be destroyed because the Jews couldn’t remain frozen in them meanwhile the Vatican Genetically Modified ‘freedom of speech’ (the “Enlightenment”) was spreading the pluralism in the world. The single fragments of the compact, frozen Jewish world had to follow every single new subject of the new society in order to make it appear a “Jewish product”. It was the same Vatican to decide the end of the Ghetto age. Stimulating with the use of Masonry the creation of ‘democracy’, he had then to prevent the possible autonomous develop of its ‘revolution’. Associating the Jews with the rising of the state of rights in the world the Vatican found the perfect grain of sand to block the mechanism he the same created, making it appear “Jewish” when the opportunities would have requested – cause a not welcomed use of the principles of enlightenment – or to make it appear “Catholic” when the introduction of freedom was welcomed by the society.

Meanwhile the world was submitted to a process of differentiation, whose true goal was the destruction of the monolithic stability on which the enemies of the Vatican, the secular monarchies in Europe, were based, it had to be created a ‘brake’ in order to stop dangerous further autonomous developments of the same process of the differentiation. The differentiation, that “enlightenment” age, was praised and utilized till the moment it destroyed the Vatican’s monarchic enemies. After it, the process had to be stopped presenting it as the product of the ‘evil Jews’. The Second world war, which completed the Vatican destruction of the central Europe monarchies, is presented by the ‘alternative’ information (purposely choreographed as “more sincere” than the official one) of course as a product of the “Jewish plot”. The end of the last rests of the feudal system in Germany and in the Austrian empire was the premise for the destruction of both. Meanwhile the emancipation was presented in a positive way, after the destruction it is depicted as a ‘product of the Jewish plot’. The trick is simple: the ‘official’ information doesn’t speak at all about those arguments or speaks about them in a very boring way or with purposely added exaggerations. Then the ‘alternative’ information has at disposition a totally free stage and the spotlights to describe those events as “product of the Jewish plot”. Radical right wing present it in a 'politically un-correct' way, the radical left area is the promoter of the 'politically correct' "Jewish plot" theory. The Italian site “Comedonchisciotte” where both correct and not-correct styles are joining themselves, is a wonderful example of what I described.
The final result of this manipulation of the world event and history is the demonizing of every subject who refuses to submit to the Vatican world agenda. The fact that it puts the proper interests against and/or over the ones of the Vatican world agenda of dominance is immediately associated to the Jewish Model (and the linked "American imperialism model") which represents the perfect ideal Roman Catholic theological model of “Who-is-Not-submitted-to-Rome”.



(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)