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Rat-lines - 1 or: The Triangle of Virgo - conclusion and new start

The Triangle of Virgo - conclusion and new start

If you were disturbed to see the perfect geometrical figures built with the location of sacred Romanist temple, Masonic temples, seat of religious orders and political parties/trade unions of the city of Trieste, probably with the sequent messages you will be disgusted. If it could help you, you can image a substitution. Instead to use mathematical Euclidean lines which have no thickness, you can use bands, of twenty, forty feet, joining the tops of the geometrical figures. The real world is an approximation; hence errors, differences and mistakes are involved also in the work of that occult architects drawing those lines.
The triangle of Virgo in the center of the city of Trieste is only the point of departure for an incredible tour along geometrical lines imprisoning the material city in a spiritual jail. Other lines have to come. But this is a central figure because it divides the town in two parts. Not for a casual coincidence I spoke about a “spiritual jail”. The Triangle of Virgo of Trieste is the key figure which represent in a geometrical plane the ideological hence spiritual division which characterized this city since the grip on the power in the council of the city of the s.c. 'liberal' and 'anticlerical' Italian Irredentist party in the middle of the XIX century. As I just mentioned quoting a local book of the Slovenian community, the Eastern borders of the Italian nation were characterized by the presence of a particular form of Fascism, different from the one of the rest of the nation, a very aggressive and violent form of Fascism having in sight the annihilation of the “Slavic element”. But the Fascism of the Borders wasn't born with the fire of the Balkan in 1920, but with the false flag attack of the true first Fascists, those Irredentist squads which attacked the Slovenian in order to obtain a bloody answer from the Austrian police and from the same Slovenians: the “Facts of July 1868”.
The ethnic hate was completed by the ideological hate and together they shaped the material architecture of the city. The Triangle of Virgo represents this clash: the North-East side, “the Arrogance”, borders the zones of the city traditionally a feud of the Fascism (and where the actual Jesuit church is located). North to the “Arrogance side” there's the infamous “XX September alley”, traditional seat of the post WWII Fascist nests. At the beginning of that alley it was located the central scene of the “Facts of July 1868” false flag attack (*). It is interesting to note that in the city of Genoa, another harbor, there's another “XX September alley” with its cinema/theatre where the post-WWII Fascist-Democratic party M.S.I. had to held a meeting in 1960. The workers of the harbor of Genoa, a Communist feud, rioted, destroying the center of the city in the very violent clash with the police forces. The Democratic-Fascist Tambroni, prime minister at the time of the facts, resigned. The facts are known as the “Fall of Tambroni government” (**).

Of course you have surely guessed that the “workers' and communist's district is located perfectly at the South of the other, symmetrically located - side of the triangle, the one I named: “the Lie”. This is the district of “San Giacomo/Saint James” (initials: S.G./S. J., guess the allusion...).
So both sides, the “Arrogance” and the “Lie”, are perfectly signing the presence of a clash and are embodying the Jesuit/Hegelian opponents moving the events. The occult, but it is more correct to say the implicit meaning of the triangle, is a reminder of the Romish Masonic global black government praxis and strategy, summoned by those celebrated “Hegelian opponents”. Of course the Synthesis is not absent. The Arrogance side and the Liar side, gushing out from the arms of the Golden Lady of War on the pillar at the top of another triangular square, Garibaldi square, fulfill her desire, crushing the Christians in a fratricidal ideological and ethnic massacre, whose synthesis is represented by the 'spiritual' third side, the “Fear”. The Fear because it is the reciprocal fear (and hate) the chain which ties together the Arrogance side and the Lie side. The Fear is represented by the nationalist side. The Italian Irredentism was the deadly virus to definitively exterminate the Hapsburg empire in the Amber Path South (North Adriatic regions) and at the same time the substitute of it. The ethnic clash and the “Slavic barbarian threat” are the synthesis which permit to control and to join together the Fascist and the Communist's side represented by those sides of the Virgo's Triangle: never forget the work of purge done by the Italian official Communist party against the Slovenian Communists after the war and especially after the “Stalin's excommunication” in 1948 (“Cominform order”). So in the middle of the Fear side there's the seat of the Unione degli Istriani seat, presided by the secretary of the European Association of Expellees, Massimiliano Lacota. The Unione degli Istriani represents the Italian Irredentist expansionism on the East side of the Adriatic Coasts/Amber Path South. The tragedy of the Italian exiles from Istria and Dalamatia is the buried bomb to prevent a coming back of the past, that common corridor built with different cultures and nationalities from Baltic sea to Adriatic sea, the Amber Path. Another proof that the creation of the nationalisms was aimed to destroy the older monarchic order of Europe – an obstacle for the thirsty of power of Rome.

In October, the allusive but concrete blessing of the Slovenian Fascist collaborationists liquidated by Tito in the first months after the end of WWII, (a fact, that liquidation, that was quite never hidden but simply kept frozen to be utilized by the war of propaganda in the future - today), represents another bomb, the bomb of the bloody 'civil' war among the same Slovenians, in order to put for ever an ideological axle on the head of that nation, to force its elite and the population to pursue political goals in accordance with the hidden theological goals of Rome. I just started to expose that in my Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute blog (shortly: AGKH blog). In a message (***) I expose the contemporary solemn celebrations held in Trieste and near the Slovenian city of Maribor. In Trieste the occasion was the appointment of the new arch-bishop, Giampaolo Crepaldi from Veneto, and near Maribor the occasion was the above mentioned suffrage mass for the victims of Tito. I'll show you here the secret Novo Ordo Seclorum geometry involved in those public religious ceremonies. Having being held the appointment of the new arch-bishop of Trieste in the key point of an important pagan architecture of Trieste, having being held his appointment in an allusive contemporariness with the suffrage mass in honor of Nazi-Fascist collaborationists held by bishop Anton Stres (today new arch-bishops of Ljubljana), that secret pagan satanist architecture enchains togehter both ceremonies, both bishops, both nations to form a single exoteric image.

Roman Catholic Masonic-ecumenical lines

The Arrogance side of the Virgo's Triangle is part of a longer line departing from the hands of the Golden Lady of War in Garibaldi square. You can see partially in red the Triangle – in green colours part of the N-W to S-E line:

So, after having passed through Gran Oriente d'Italia seat and some political parties seat, that line continues to run North to the triangle, till it encounters a church, an Evangelical church (signed with the little cross near the top):

The fact that 'Evangelical' church, the official Evangelical Lutheran church of Trieste, is at the top of the triangle, all that tells us about the importance of the renegade Protestantism in the concrete geometrical organization of the NWO/NOS. The square where the 'Lutheran' church is located has the name Panfili Odorico square, an Italian military medician dead in the war of Abissinia. The street all along the Evangelical church could have no else name, of course, than the one of the city of the infamous Council: via Trento or Trento's street in Trieste is the historical traditional street of the prostitutes.

The Arrogance side is so the initial segment of the hypotenuse of a very much larger typical Masonic squared triangle. To meet one of the cathetus you must start from the usual Golden Lady of War and to draw a line perfectly parallel to the globe's parallels from East to West. After about 650 metres (1,900 feet) you reach the South West corner of the cathedral of San Giusto/Saint Just, where on the 4th October 2009 the new archbishop of Trieste was enthroned. See in red the Virgo's Triangle, in green the new larger squared triangle:

The smaller triangle in blue. I draw it in blue putting the lines slightly far away from the others in order to render it more clear. As you noted in the above image, the hypotenuse of this new triangle is the same cathethus of the larger squared triangle, a cathetus going from the Golden Lady of War to the South West corner of the saint Just Cathedral. One of other cathethus of the smaller squared blue triangle is running from about (I say differences of a dozen of feet) the South West corner of the cathedral to reach the Arrogance side with a squared angle. The second little cathetus runs from this point of intersection all along the Arrogance side to join the hypotenuse in the arms of the Golden Lady of War. As we are dealing with a typical squared Masonic triangle, its squared angle (that “corner stone”) could be located in no else place (feet more, feet less) than the seat of the Gran Oriente d'Italia, in Saba street (corso Saba):

Now you can appreciate the entire figure, relating it with the previously exposed Virgo's Triangle:

The solemn ceremony of the appointment of the new archbishop of Trieste, Giampaolo “the Venetian” Crepaldi (truly speaking originary from the town of Rovigo in Veneto region) has been held in that sort of central supreme Romish Masonic corner stone. Around that cornerstone is gravitating the occult pagan anti-Christian architecture of this sad city. You have just noted the presence of other temples along the sides of the triangle. But to complete the geometrical satanist figure you must involve another religious temple, of a cult completely controlled by Rome (as the Protestant cult), whose manipulation is very important for the advancing of NWO/NOS agenda. Just today the divine emperor of Rome visited the synagogue of Rome in an historical meeting (&). A comparison with the city of Trieste could enlighten the background of such Romanist ecumenical meetings. You find that Jewish religious temple simply drawing the straight continuation of the Fear side towards North East......:

…...till the point where that line encounters the largest or one among the largest synagogues of Europe (§), between Giotto square and saint Francisco street:

Unfortunately the “coming-back line” from the synagogue to the arms of the Golden Lady of War doesn't appear in a perfect parallelism with the larger North-South cathethus of the squared triangle with the Evangelical Lutheran church at the North top.
But you will surely note that the perfect parallelism is in any case present, because the impression of a line slightly pending to the East and slightly putted to much at the east side of the synagogue is just an illusion. You'll note that the greatest contribution to the illusory sliding of that line comes from the bend of the entire map on which I drew those lines. From a topological point of view (as would say a mathematician) it is clear that the line “Golden Lady of War/Synagogue” is practically perfectly parallel to the meridians and to the other line. This is important because if you want you can substitute the Fear side/Synagogue line and to draw another one going from the cathedral of saint Just to the synagogue and to obtain so – slightly smaller than the previous one – another squared masonic triangle where, this time, the task to shape that famous “Masonic corner stone” is assigned to the Golden Lady of War:

In the future I'll post an image with also the alternative side/hypotenuse. The black version is important for a simple reason: if you continue towards South West all along the Fear side (starting for example from the synagogue) you encounter, at the same distance you have between the synagogue and the Obelisk, another interesting religious temple, a Roman Catholic seminary......

In conclusion we have two giant Masonic squared triangle, one symbolically enchains (controls) the Protestantism and his corner stone is the Roman Catholic cathedral of saint Just. The other enchains (controls) the Judaism and its cornerstone is too a Roman Catholic idol, the Madonna or Lady of War. You can note the interesting fact that the angle of inclination North-West to South-East of the streets of the district (built by emperial decree of Maria Theresia and hence named Theresian district) where's located the Romanist “Evangelical Lutheran church” is the same one of the abstract line joining the Protestant church with the Synagogue. A bright metaphore on how they can shape and inclinate history and events for their goals. The third squared blue triangle explains us that the same Roman Catholicism represented by the cathedral of saint Just is only superficially a Christian temple and in essence it is a reflection of those pagan anti-Christian core of satanist priesthood sometimes named “Illuminati” (not the ones of Weishaupt but in a larger historical sense) or “Saturnalia brotherhood” or “Italian papal bloodlines originated from the Roman bloodlines”. All that is represented in a grotesque and deceiving way by the Masonry (by the seat of Grande Oriente d'Italia), be it deviated or regular. Whose local supreme master is not hosted in Saba street but on the hill of saint Just. There are no doubts about who is in the command of the world.

Rat-lines in Trieste

Rat-lines in Washington, D.C.

(*) Tuesday, September 29, 2009 Fatti di Luglio 1868

(**) Post of Dec 2 2007, 10:25 AM in the thread “Low Intensity Golpe Acted Through Carabinieri At, Work In Italy? (long post, sorry).”
“ the city of Geneva which received an award for the involvement in the anti-Fascist and anti-Nazis resistance guerrilla, for the days 2-4 July was planned a meeting of the Fascist M.S.I. party in the Margherita Theater sited in the XX September street. (Note: usually streets with this name referring to the conquer of Rome of 20th September 1870, are often used by Jesuits to cover zones where operate their Black Kommies minions. In the city of Trieste the XX September street or alley is near the Jesuit church of Ronco street and is a traditional Fascist area). ....

(***) Friday, November 27, 2009 The new anti-levellers crusade of Rome: "God is cleansing Amber Path!"

(&) Rome Jewish leader presses pope on Pius XII 'silence'
Published: 01.17.10, 18:17,7340,L-3835662,00.html
"....An Italian Jewish leader, addressing Pope Benedict during his first visit to Rome's synagogue, on Sunday told him bluntly that his wartime predecessor should have spoken out against the Holocaust. The silence of Pius XII before the Shoah still hurts because something should have been done," Riccardo Pacifici, president of Rome's Jewish community told the pope, using the Hebrew word for the Holocaust. (Reuters)...".
"..Sunday, 17 January 2010...Pope Benedict XVI prepares to visit Rome synagogue
By Duncan Kennedy BBC News, Rome...".

(§) From “Key Jewish tours – discover Italy's Jewish heritage”:
“...Trieste is home to Europe's largest synagogue and has a rich Jewish history that can be felt in the most curious of places! ....”
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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