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The sacred geometry of the Holocaust

There's a work that influenced my research, even if not so directly like the messages of Douglas Willinger in Continuing Counter Reformation regarding the 'virgin' geometry of Washington. The Geometry of the Novo Ordo Seclorum is built also with the evil Geometry of the Holocaust and I can fully confirm the existence also of the material alter ego of the geometry of the Vatican world power, the geometrical figures built by the material places of evil.
From the excellent site: (also quoted in Continuig Counter Reformation):

The Vatican Holocaust - Part I
"The Great Pentagram of Evil"

The Holocaust- the mass sacrifice of over eighteen million innocent Protestants, Orthodox Christians, ethnic Jews and minority groups by burning them alive in ovens in Poland and Russia less than seventy years ago by Catholic dictators Adolf Hitler S.J. and Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. represents the largest and most expensive act of mass human sacrifice in history.


These 19th Century shrines held enormous importance to the ancient satanist Papal families. Apart from the Vatican itself---as the oldest and most important temple of Cybele---and Tivoli (outside Rome), the two temples in Poland were the only other functioning temples within Europe.

Warsaw was too public a place at which to hold supremely evil satanic ceremonies to "harness" the souls of the damned---sacrificed in fire. But Czartoryska Palace at Pulawy and the magnificently architected 19th Century Cybele Temple was perfect.

When the SS began their "cleaning" campaign in earnest, the first district was the region surrounding Pulawy. Next was the precise location of the specialized human sacrifice camps.

The Satanic Pentagram of Pope Pius XII and the Black Pope

The ancient satanic families that have controlled the Vatican for centuries have known that condemned souls---cursed souls---are not at rest. The manipulation and use of this negative energy has always been at the heart of Black Magic.

Historically, Geometry and shapes of power have also played a vital part in the planning and ceremony of real satanists. No shape is considered more powerful for the harnessing of negative energy to one's human will than the Pentagram.

To form a Pentagram of supreme evil, Pope Pius XII and the Black Pope Ledochowski would need at least five sacrifice camps- one for each point of the star. But a system with just five camps would arouse immediate suspicion as to its nature. Instead, the human sacrifice camps and their precise geographic location was deliberately masked in a seemingly random and opportunistic landscape of work camps and other death camps.

But at the heart of this complex system of detention camps, torture camps and sacrifice camps remained the Pentagram of Pope Pius and Fr. Ledochowski S.J.---the channel through which eighteen millions souls passed---damned by the satanic leadership of the Roman Catholic Church.

You can still easily plot this Pentagram for yourself today by simply calling up any map of Poland.

1. First, find Pulawy on a Map---the Palace and Temple to Cybele is located just to the South West of the town itself.

2. Now go directly up and stop just south-East of Ostrow---this is the top tip of the Pentagram and the site for Treblinka Human Sacrifice Camp.

3. Now continue to travel down South -East---past Pulawy until you find the town in Orthodox Ukraine called L'viv. Due west of this town was the Janowska Human Sacrifice Camp---frequently misrepresented as merely a labor camp.

4. Now travel west until you travel past Krakow until just above the town of Bielsko-Biala. This was the site of the massive Auschwitz Human Sacrifice Camp.

5. Now travel north until you find the town of Lodz. This was the site of the only human sacrifice camp dedicated purely to children- the Lodz Human Sacrifice Camp.

6. Finally, travel east again until you find the small town ot Wlodawa---almost on the border of the Ukraine---this was the site of the Sobibor Human Sacrifice Camp.

There is your Pentagram of Pure Evil. There is your Pentagram of death constructed to attempt to channel the greatest amount of negative energy to one location in the history of humanity.

In addition, at least three other Human Sacrifice Camps were set up along the "ley lines" of the Pentagram, including Belzec, Tomaszow Mazowiecki and Majdanek.


The final question is probably why? Why would people be so evil? The answer lies at the heart of how society has been fashioned by forces for centuries---forces that do not wish the world to progress---but people who pretend to be pious but instead plot to keep the world in misery. These forces have plotted to return the world to the pope's feudal Dark Ages while destroying the Modern Era born out of the Protestant Reformation.

At the time, Pope Pius XII and the Black Pope of the Jesuits held supreme temporal power – thanks to the willing implementation by Fr. Heinrich Himmler S.J. and Fr. Alexander N. Poskrebyshev S.J., Soviet Lieutenant General known as the "General of the Lubyanka" (NKVD headquarters in Moscow), and Stalin's right hand and absolute advisor inside the Kremlin.

Maybe the motive was the same as had been all other Satanist leaders of the Roman Catholic Church over the centuries---to re-establish control---to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy---to empower and rejuvenate the "Holy Mother Church" in accordance with the Jesuit Order's wicked, Counter Reformation Council of Trent.

If these were the aims of sacrificing eighteen million innocent "heretics and liberals" in the most evil of methods, then it seems to have succeeded.

Today, the Roman Catholic Church is untouchable, all-empowered and rich. In fact the Catholic Church today has never been more powerful. So the work of Pope Pius XII and the Jesuits certainly benefited the Vatican.

No mention of the Vatican's complete and total implication in crimes against humanity have been stricken from the public record---they are unstoppable---except for one fact---any person can connect the pieces together for themselves.

And one day, when enough people have done this, then the stain of the murder of over eighteen million human beings (dubbed "heretics and liberals" in the Council of Trent and the Fourth Vow of the Jesuit Order) in the name of the Roman Catholic Church will be impossible to hide anymore.

Read "Vatican Holocaust" Part II for even more astonishing and disturbing insights about the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil.


For a confirmation about the role of the 'virgin' Mary statues:

.......and they even dare to call her: 'virgin'.

Continuing Roman Catholic Confirmations

Benjamin Franklin's Mysterious SunFire

The geometry of Novo Ordo Seclorum - part I

Thursday, March 12, 2009

“Give me a fourteen, and I can enslave the earth”

The number ‘14’ represents an important concept laying at the core of the catholic (= universal) work of deception of the Romanist Sect. It is not a simple casually-chosen symbol, it resumes in its proper structure the same logical structure on which the Novo Ordo Seclorum mind of the Vatican sect is based.

In the message “Les fleurs du mal – 2” (“The diying suns of Loyola”) I shortly stated that both wintry and summer pillars & arches - represented each with a 7 point symmetric Romanist abstract ‘menorah’, if joined together were giving a 14 points structure:

"...If I am not wrong, the usual division of a week in seven days is not an exclusive attribute of the Jewry… Sun-day, the day of the Sun, recall us that there’s another 7-points symmetry, opposed and complementary of the one just described above: if you apply the same symmetric order starting instead from the autumnal point, from the vernal point, you have another ‘Jewish’ tree. Is it maybe the other face of the just described wintry symmetry? So the wintry solstice, the point “X”, is the symmetrical opponent of the point “Y’”, the Summer solstice, the apotheosis of the power, and so of the Sun. And the symmetric complementary tree starts with a rising , the rising of the sun towards the Summer solstice, instead of the sinking of the sun towards the wintry underworld grave. The same entire year, could now be represented by the sum of both trees, giving the number 14 as a new, occult, Luciferian organization of the timeline (*)....."

But this is only one side of the truth. The other, opposite side of the truth says that, as both 7 points symmetries have the extreme points in common, they totally are giving to you a 12 pointed structure, like the twelve signs of the Zodiac or the twelve apostles of Jesus. So 14 or 12?

I would and I say: both. Imagine now both structures, the wintry and the summer pillars & arch structure. Join them together putting in common the extreme points/arms, you can shape the new structure in a 12 pointed circle, with two important points, the wintry and the summer solstices, located at the opposite ends of a diameter. This structure is simple and understandable when you look at it from the above. But now start to rotate the plane where the 12 pointed circle is laying, till the position where you could see no more than a 7 pointed segment, with a central point (one of the two solstices you chose) and the other six points (which are more densely assembled near the extremity of the visual segment) around it.

So what are representing the two different point of views? They represent two opposite ways to look at the reality. The ‘14’ pointed way to look at the reality resumes the impossibility to see it like an entire single unity. It resumes only the sum of two horizontal, low and diametrically opposite point of views, which, when they are in front of the object, can see only a part of it, the enlightened part of it, meanwhile the opposite side, like the hidden face of the Moon or like the shadowed part of a crescent, will remain in the darkness:

"……..So at night Osiris is dead, and is laying in the underworld , from where he enlightens, with his pale light, the earth through the Moon. And as Osiris is the dying sun, so the sun that sinks for excellence, the pieces in which he was cutted aka murdered, aka drowned down in the darkness, couldn’t be anything else than the 14 pieces of a Moon phase, the 14 days of a Moon/tidal semi cycle (**) describing his descending path to the underworld.....".

Well, you can never see contemporarily more than seven points each time you try to rotate or you are walking around the horizontal object in front of your eyes. So the least number of the points offered to the sight by every possible rotation of the circle, will always give a number no less than the double of one single viewed side – this number is ‘14’ (If you approach it and touch it with your nose, is possible also that you will see neither a single point).

But we are not the inhabitants of flatland, and we can experience also the other, vertical, dimension, from which to look at the object. We discover now that the points of the extremes of the segment of a single horizontal view are in common with the ones belonging to the extremes of another segmental view. Because we discover that the extremes of opposite directions are generated by a common point. And we discover that with the ‘14’ points view, two observers sited at the opposite side of the objects, always are seeing the extremes with opposite attribute, because meanwhile for an observer the motion starts from the extreme A, for the other opposite observer the motion ends in the same common extreme. But they don’t know that they have the extremes in common, so the experience they will communicate one to the other, will be always in discordance, in opposition or, in a more effective word: in a clash.

After having considered the third, vertical, celestial, heavenly axis, the axis that allow us a synthesis of the disaccording views offered by the couple of antithetical horizontal axis, we understand that the single, irremediably disaccording motions, sighted by the two dimensional-minded inhabitants of Vatic(flat)land, are only the partial, wrong vision of a single, united and coherent motion, the motion of the 12 pointed Novo Ordo Seclorum wheel of the events. The “all seeing eye”, through his watchful Intermediary pupil, pushes the 12 pointed wheel to continually run, hence generating into the soul of the two dimensional spectator an eternal contradictory experience of a chaotic 14 pointed world.

And the continue, unceasing, stunning giant chaos under the sky has been created….

Is the ‘V’ of “Vatican” standing for the true direction towards which they are dragging the(ir) sheople? Is this the reason for which they blocked the path to the celestial heaven with a ‘vicarious’ of God? Constraining the sheople to remain pressed on the materialistic, chaotic and eternally at war Vatic(flat)land plane? Meanwhile the visible white hand is showing to them the vertical, heavenly, upper direction, the invisible black hand is slowly pushing them to the darkness of the underworld (new swimming pool of the “Gateway to the East” city):

This is the most important reason for which the Romanist Sect has to keep the divinity firmly separated from the profane, secular world. The divinity can be placed on the vertical Z axis just only on the strict condition that the sheople-points must lay on the two dimensional Vatic(flat)land XY plane. We could say that just the sheople points with two dimensional mind are the matter with which the horizontal reality-plane is built. This is the reason for which Romanism declared an implacable war towards the ‘heresy’ of Luther, because he – at the opposite of the Masonic Prometeus – pushed the people to directly take the ‘fire’ from the ‘divinity’, going directly to the source, i.e. through the only possible path, the proper hearth, without to wait a ‘benevolent’ Masonic divinity doing the work for the sheople. With their work the Masonic Prometeus are just saving the division between the infinite subset of sheople forming the XY Vatic(flat)land and the single ‘divine’ upper Z point. The Masonic Prometeus are bringing to the sheople-points the false, ideological, multi coloured and clashing‘fires’ of the ‘divinity’. With those fires the Masonic Prometeus promise to offer to the two dimensional points a means to ‘enlighten’ the ‘secrets of the chaos’. But the more the sheople-points are enlightening the whirling 7 pointed line in front of their eyes, the more they are deceived about the true core of that chaotic reality. Luther destroyed the structure of the XY plane, pushing all its forming points to converge towards the top of that triangle. Doing so he destroyed the necessity of any vertical Z axis and the necessity of an ‘official’ Intermediary (‘vicarious’ of Christ on earth), who should regulate and keep the distances among the plane and the ‘divine’ all seeing-eye above it. That Intermediary is the one which pretend to assure a bit of ‘divine’ fire to every single sheople-point on the Vatic(flat)land (dogma of salvation-only-through-Romanist-church). The bit of ‘divine’ fire is granted only and exclusively in exchange of the total obedience for which the single point had to move and to operate exclusively on the XY axis; the exchange is named: ‘good’ works dogma. As you can easily see, both the ‘divine’ Intermediary/vicarious and his false opponent, the ‘vicarious’ of the heavenly Prometeus (the Mother of every rebelling angel) on earth or Masonry, (and doesn’t matter how much they appear in a irreducible enmity), they both save the Novo Ordo Seclorum theological geometry (*)

(Observation. You can see now for the interests of whom the atheism is spread in the society. The most famous and by the papal media celebrated atheist of Italy is a certain professor Piergiorgio Oddifreddi, a conclaimed atheist, Marxist and, of course this is not a coincidence of the ‘mute’ physical laws – a logic mathematician. As you can see it is better to keep a sheople-point sleeping in the XY plane, where he would firmly believe that “a Z axis doesn’t exist!”, instead to see him searching to destroy his chain binding him to the Vatic(flat)land jail).


(*) …..true mathematicians would say “topology” instead of “geometry”, but it doesn’t need to involve an higher level of abstraction.


The Omega point on the upper Z axis, generating the two dimensional figure on the below XY horizontal plane. The top is their true occult divinity, the organizational principle of the Novo Ordo Seclorum theological geometry…….

……..principle which can be offered, to the two dimensional mind and sight of the below laying sheople points, but only through the shape of a section of the “divine cone”, a two dimensional triangle, often with a ridiculous eye inside, or repeated four times, each for every end of the XY horizontal axis, in the usual pyramidal shape……..

………then the generating rays coming from the top of the “divine cone”, are managed by the Universal Intermediary vicarious, his organization and by the opponents to his organization, the vicarious of Prometeus, whose opposite AND collaborative work maintain the distances among the horizontal plane and the upper ‘divinity’……………

………… you can see the pillar Z, around which the sheople-points are swarming on their XY worldly plane, is not only showing the ‘vertical’ dimension, but also keep it far away and impossible to touch for the inhabitants of Vatic(flat)land. They are hypnotized by the whirling magic circle of the events…..which produces a whirling chaos of events that, through the corruption and the temptation……

…..and the traumatic tides that regularly submerge the psyche of the sheople-points………

…..hides the occult theological geometry generated by the upper ‘divine cone’, the occult but material geometry that shapes the below world of the five senses:

The number "14":

Low Intensity Golpe Acted Through Carabinieri At, Work In Italy? (long post, sorry).

The Saturnalian Brotherhood

Rat-lines in Trieste

Rat-lines in Washington, D.C.


(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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OK The Luciferian fire of Benjamin

From "Save the Capital City" blog of Douglas Willinger. See the occult architecture of the Novo Ordo Seclorum spread all over the world: the city of Washington D.C., built by the Jesuit-Masonic black hand (Masonic architect L'Enfant and Roman Catholic bishop John Carroll, his patron) and its "Benjamin Franklin's Mysterious SunFire". All that will help to understand also the Luciferian architecture of the "G-ateway to the East", the Jesuitical city of Trieste:

Monday, June 11, 2007

Benjamin Franklin's Mysterious SunFire

This intersection marks the most profound secret of Washington, D.C., according to the book "The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital: The Masons and the Building of Washington, D.C." by David Ovason.

Ovason says interesting things about Washington, D.C. reflecting the constellation, in particular regarding the celestial triangle of the Capitol, the White Hose and the Washington Monument, and hence, the Federal Triangle:

The interesting thing is that this stellar triangle was evidently intended to remain invisible. It is a stellar figure that we know is there, yet which remains hidden from our sight. Below on the earth, its equivalent form, the Federal Triangle, is plainly visible, with Pennsylvania Avenue as its longest side. Since the Constitution Avenue line of the Federal Triangle represents the ecliptic, the implication is that Pennsylvania Avenue was intended by L’Enfant and Ellicott as a sacred route, with its celestial equivalent as invisible pathway in the skies.

Perhaps it is clear now why the symbol makers and architects of Washington, D.C. concentrated their efforts on zodiacal symbols which reflect so deeply the arcane nature of the stellar Virgin? Perhaps it is clear now why the idea of an earthly triangle – encapsulated in the phrase Federal Triangle – should reflect this stellar form on the earth plane?

From the very beginning, the city was intended to celebrate the mystery of Virgo – of the Egyptian Isis, the Grecian Ceres and the Christian Virgin. This truth – and this truth alone – explains the structure of the city, and the enormous power of its stellar symbolism. Washington, D.C., is far more then a city of zodiacs – it’s a city which was built to celebrate a massive cosmic symbolism, expressed in stars. Its the main buildings – Capitol, White House and Washington Monument – mark on the Earth the annual renewal of that magical pyrotechnic display in the skys, which occurs on the days around August 10. (page 344)

From whatever direction one approaches the history of Washington, D.C., the processional avenue of L’Enfant seems always to find its way into the story, and the tale is usually linked with Masons. If we glance at the history of the capital from the viewpoint of, say, sculpture, we find a seamless fabric which joins together generations of artists through almost two centuries. And, this is a fabric woven in the vicinity of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Today, the Old Post Office is set back from Pennsylvania Avenue, oriented to the squares drawn on the original map along D Street, as though some planner had forgotten about what L’Enfant had indicated on his map. Across the road is the beaux arts building that once housed the most influential newspapers in the city, the Washington Evening Star, its façade still looking down onto the statute of Benjamin Franklin, who occupies the triangular-shaped declivity in Pennsylvania Avenue. It is entirely fitting that this building, so intimately linked with a setting star, should look onto one of the most influential of early American Masons, one who had knowledge of the stars and was a keen astronomer. The sculpture, commissioned of Jacques Jouvenal as a gift to the city by the newspaper proprietor Stilson Hutchins, was designed to look onto Pennsylvania Avenue from 10th Street [note. It sits on the south-eastern corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 12th Street], because in those days the avenue was flanked by printers and newspapers: within a stones throw was the largest litho printer in the United States. Now the printers and newspaper have fled in the wake of threatened and actual development, leaving Franklin, displaced from his original symbolism, raising his right hand as though astonished in their disappearance. Nonetheless, there seems to be a destiny even in accidents, and this placing of a Mason on one side, and a building named after an evening star, is propitious.

The Evening Star departed its famous building in 1955, leaving only its stellar name in metallic and lapidary inscriptions overlooking the Pennsylvania frontage. The reception hall of the newspaper has been revamped in modern times, but it is possible that a meaningful symbolism has survived from earlier days. In its marble floor is a huge sunburst, or starburst pattern. The five splendid radiants throw their beams out toward this magical avenue, as though he were part of the profound secret of Washington, D.C. [emphasis added] (pp 311-312)

Does the state of Franklin, on its pedestal below the campanile, hold up its hand in amazement of this solar wonder? (page 344)

This is the same Benjamin Franklin statute that faces diagonally across the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue NW and 12th Street NW to the Covington & Burling building at 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Ovason discusses The Evening Star building that sits to Ben’s right (3’o clock); but he altogether ignores the identity of the building that Ben directly faces.

If one were to draw a line from the door of the lobby of The Evening Star to this Franklin statute, its mirror line goes towards the northeast rear corner of this Covington & Burling building. His upheld hand points into this building, as do his eyes.

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OK From: "Papal Keys and Masonic Symbolism, by Mad.Arsenal" - II

Papal Keys and Masonic Symbolism, by Mad.Arsenal

Aug 1 2007, 12:34 AM - CRAIG-OXLEY:

Heres a little piece by a member of mine, you may wish to view. I've questioned myself your explanation for Hiram Abiff and the masonic ritual which you link to the Jesuit Order. As far as I'm aware that ritual has never changed for many many years. Therefore it cannot have anything to do with the Jesuit Order itself who only existed in 1534 apart from being the Los Alumbrados and so forth before. The Jesuit Order never had any power of Freemasonry until the 18th Century. To me the explanation within this article is more correct. Let me know your thoughts on what I've just said. -Craig Oxley

Papal Keys and Masonic Symbolism

Dear Craig,

A truly great post! Lots of great pics!

The legend of Hiriam Abif and the rite of the third degree of Blue Lodge Freemasonry no doubt dates back centuries. But the actual rite as it exists today may be of more recent origin. It may date back to shortly after the Pope's suppression of the Order, about the time of the Council of Wilhemsbad in 1782. It was at this Council that the Order began to repair the breach in the first Great Masonic Schism and consolidate its power over a re-united Scottish Rite Lodge.

It cannot be mere coincidence that three nations killed the Jesuit Order ("Father Hiram"---the chief builder of Solomon's temple) within its borders (symbolizing the three ruffians); that Hiram was raised from the dead by the Worshipful Master (the Pope---who is to be worshipped in the East from the Third Hebrew Temple) with the grip of a Lion (the Pope assuming the title of the "Lion of the Tribe of Judah") and that the Order has placed at the center of "the compass (male) and the square (female)" the letter "G." I am in agreement with the late Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor F. Tupper Saussy, that it stands for the Order's Church of the "G"esu in Rome.

It is the risen "Father Hiram" (the Jesuit Order) who aids the Worshipful Master sitting in the East (the Pope) to be the Universal Monarch of the World.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric


What you say below does have merit. I personally stick with the Generative Principle for the 'G' which has far more important meaning than any Gesu which the Jesuit Order in charge of the Roman Catholic Institute would use. It has been spoke of in the past by the legendary William Cooper that Hiram Abiff was symbolism for Jacques De Molay the Grandmaster of the Knights Templar. The now dead very devious two-faced Temporal Coadjutor Saussy may think the G stands for Gesu but he doesn't impress me. I'd also add that the Compass and Square really is symbolism for the 6 pointed star of EL. Now what is the 6 pointed star? The MALE and FEMALE union with the up triangle being Male and down triangle the Female. Like I say the GENERATIVE PRINCIPLE!

Craig Oxley


- Adolfo Nicolas -

Aug 3 2007, 03:08 AM - Mad.Arsenal:

Personally, I wouldnt say Eric is wrong necessarily in the assertion that the 3rd degree ritual symbolises the Company being Hiram who's finished off by the 3 catholic nations and restored back to life by the Pope. It can be both. But I dont see there can be much doubt that if it being the case, its built upon the solar allegory of old. October givin the sun a blow but it survives. Novemeber trying to kill the sun, but still it survives, tho greatly injured now. It wanders on feeble and weak, but doesnt survive the final attack of December.

What could be the case is that the Jesuits formed a version of the solar allegory that would correspond to the history of the suppression, cuz it does indeed fit well with the Order's suppression and restoration etc.
After all, the whole Mysteries thing is about many layers of symbolism. But in 95% of the cases, the most inner layer is the astronomical one, cuz that naturally stands the test of time, anywhere in the world in any nation, culture or language.

I think that the Hiram Abif version of Freemasonrys Mysteries' ritual appeared first around mid 1700's some 40-50 years after the official creation of the London mother lodge, but Im not sure. And I dunno the exact nature of the Hiram ritual at that time, it might well have been changed after the Jesuit's restoration. But the main ingredients of the ritual hasnt changed for atleast 4200 years, simply bcuz the yearly cycle of the sun hasnt changed. Which is what makes astro-symbolism so fundamental and persistant.

The concept of the initiate being slain then lost/buried then resurrected is as old as the Egyptian mystery schools. Of course, the reason the tribe of Judah was assigned the lion is cuz that tribe was the "dominant" one. The lion is Leo, the "sole house of the sun", just like the tribe of Dan has Scorpio, Simeon has Pisces, Reuben Aquarius, Benjamin Gemini etc.

In the Persian mysteries the sun-god Ormuzd died but finally triumphed over the forces of darkness, in India the initiation ritual was about the death/resurrection of the sun-god Sita, in the Eleusinian Mysteries of Greece, Bacchus was the dead/resurrected sun-character. Another Greek mystery school had Kabiri, where the initiate would stumple upon the dead body of this sun-god and later it was resurrected amids joy and cheers of the members in the ritual. And so on and so forth. They were all derived from the degrees of the Osiris School of Egypt in some way or another.

Which was a lunar cult mystery school, the initated swearing to a life in the service of Isis. Just like the priest at the altar in the initiation ritual of the IHS School (Bacchus) wore the symbol of the moon, being dedicated to her service. Sounds abit like Jesuits to me, with the Mary devotion? Is this why they have a moon on their IHS symbol sometimes?

On another note, one cannot underestimate the role played by the Mystery Schools in general in ancient history.

In time, all the advanced scientific knowledge was concentrated and held within these mystery schools where priests and rulers were chosen from. Infact, if you wanted to learn any advanced practice like architecture or mathematics, you had to become initated in the degrees of some mystery school and learn about the universe. The "degrees" harnested all the intellegensia for themselves.
They didnt have open universities for any ol' sheeple, like today.

The sun moves one degree pr. day, they said, and it doesnt move for 3 days at winter solstice which gives 362 degrees in the full yearly cycle. For the sake of the use of mathematics, a circle was given 360 degrees, the circle of the universe.

So today, we go to universe city - university - and get a degree. And upon graduation become a luminary - a planet.

Saturn to be exact, the wise ELite.

And get the Saturnian black robe and square hat, the mortar board hat, coming from the gigantic mystery school that is the Roman Catholic Church. The college of cardinals I think it was, used to wear them upon initiation into the "catholic mysteries". We also get the word "college" from the RCC's college of cardinals according to Jordan Maxwell.

The RCC banned the mystery schools starting from the emperors after Constantine. Cuz "catholic" means "universal" and the RCC is in many ways the biggest mystery school in history, with the exoteric "Christian" religion and the esoteric astronomical etc. meanings for all the symbols, stories and idols. It was a monopoly on the "Mysteries" one might say.
But the mysteries were still being celebrated in many provinces of the empire under different names, being traced right up till the time of the first stonemason guilds, and even further into the 11th and 12th centuries. Always with the initiation ritual of the neophyte role-playing the sun's death/resurrection, thats the core of the ritual of the Mysteries.

From the Osiris School of Egypt where Pythagoras went to become initiated, to the Bacchus IHS of Greece and to Rome's Sol Invictus, the Mithras version, where Constantine was the high-priest, representing Mithras on earth. But only the initiates could learn the "mysteries" of the Mithras religion. That he was the sun.

And this is actually an interesting mystery school in connection with the equinox symbolism.
Mithras was an aggressive god, slaying the bull (the age of Taurus) upon birth from the primordial rock/egg (mushroom/phoenix birth stage)

user posted image

So the soldiers of the army of the Roman Empire practiced this mystery school with great joy and devotion whereever they went, it became a military mystery school, or "religion" as these Mysteries are called, where Constantine was the high-priest. It became outlawed to practice the Mithras mysteries when Christianity was made the empire's official religion. Much to the regret of the soldiers.
The army leaders would initiate soldiers into the mysteries in 3 degrees at first, it was their religion at the time.

Here's the ruins of a Mithras mystery school temple some Roman army division built alongside Hadrians Wall across Britain from the 3rd century, I think it was:
user posted image

Here's a reconstruction in some British museum:

user posted image

Notice the two torch-bearers. Those torch-bearers was part of Mithras symbolism, one torch pointing up, another down.

An artists rendition:
user posted image

Notice here the sun and moon over the torch-bearers. Any connection to the two pillars supporting the "Royal Arch" of heaven?
And more importantly, why are their legs always crossed?

user posted image

Its the equinoxes of course. The one with the torch pointing up is vernal, the downwards is autumnal. The gateways between the realms, life and death.

Which is layed out here in this drawing of another temple, if one understands the astronomical key to these Mystery symbols:

user posted image

Right side is winter and autumn: Death realm of the sun.
Left side is spring and summer: Life realm of the sun, a.k.a. the Royal Arch.
With the two gateways between the realms, the two equinoxes. The legs crossed.

Life realm gateway and Death realm gateway:
user posted image user posted image

I forgot Skull&Bones
user posted image

The cross is the equinox and 322 is March 22nd as we know, spring equinox.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

OK From: "Papal Keys and Masonic Symbolism, by Mad.Arsenal" - I

The following posts are from the very important thread of the old "13" The Unhived Mind. To tell the truth all the Saturnalia section of that site is important, but the undersigned has only 24 hours per day at disposition, and just for what he is doing, those 24 hours are very few.

The central key figure of the incredible Novo Ordo Seclorum Geometry of the "Gateway to the East", aka the city of Trieste, is based just on that "Saint Just/Justus" figure:

Reversed pentagram, Masonic squared triangles, Virgo triangles of the urban (Counter Reformation shaped) architecture of the "Gateway to Hell"/city of Trieste, seem to be centered on the figure of that guy, a Vatican 1700 years old cartoon I nicknamed: "the saint protector and patron of Vatican scuba divers". You'll realize why later.

Papal Keys and Masonic Symbolism, by Mad.Arsenal

Jul 31 2007, 04:16 AM

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Here's alot of masonic symbolism and the perhaps the true origin of the Papal Key symbol and its connection with the skull and crossbones symbol.

Like 95% of all symbolism is astronomical in origin, I see it from that angle cuz I believe thats the right angle to begin with.

And we must begin in ancient Egypt.
This is how they typically buried their mummies, with the arms crossed:

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The cross in its basic symbolism is the equinoctial cross.
They had 12 steps in the mummification process, alluding to the 12 signs of the zodiac.
We must understand how important the heaven and the sun's yearly cycle was to them, and how they transferred that knowledge of the "above" to explain the world "below".

First we need to know abit about some esoteric Freemasonry symbolism.
Freemasonry - the Blue Lodge (first 3 degrees) - has 2 doctrines:
1. There is only one supreme nameless creator being, the "grand architecht of the universe"
2. The soul of the human being is immortal and survives the grave

This is clearly explained and layed out in 32nd degree Freemason, Robert H. Brown's book, "Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy" from 1882.
For example, in a section explaining the Egyptian tau cross, p.215, he quotes it directly from a masonic lecture:
The tau cross, is as has been shown, an ancient symbol of
Egypt denoting salvation and eternal life. The triple tau, being
a combination of the tau cross three times repeated, teaches us
that "we have an immortal part within us that shall survive the
grave, and which shall never, never, NEVER die" (Masonic

This is the two ancient doctrines of the mystery schools. The population was to get the exoteric version with the superstitious gods, based on the heavenly bodies, and the initiated learned thru the degrees the esoteric version, that "there is only one supreme being", and the dieties are but the planets etc. And that "the soul is immortal."

In this tv-program about Freemasonry, we learn about the grip of the 3rd degree, a grip called the "Lion's Paw", at 12mins54secs:

It also shows the 3rd degree of Freemasonry, where the initiate will play Hiram Abiff (the sun) who's slain by three ruffians (October, November, December or Saggitarius, Capricorn, Aquarius)
While he's buried, 12 masons go searching for him (the 12 months/zodiacs) and the 3 masons going West find him (January/Pisces, February/Aries, March/Taurus)
They then try to resurrect him 3 times (April/Gemini, May/Cancer, June/Leo).
They try with the two first grips (Gemini and Cancer) but only succeed the 3rd time, raising him from the dead to full upright position with the special grip, the "Lion's Paw" grip. This is of course an allusion to the sun being finally restored to full glory at summer solstice, June 21st, the sun in the sign of Leo the Lion, the strongest sign whith its strenght finally resurrects the sun/Hiram Abiff, role-played by the initiate.

This shows alot about how much they care about the different stages of the sun, the yearly cycle. And the veneretaion of the sun's yearly revival. At winter he's dead. But then at vernal equinox he suddenly begins to show signs of life, he is resurrected from the dead, once again, the eternal life of the sun bringing eternal life to the world. Therefore the allusion to the immortality of the soul of man, as above so below.
The vernal equinox was the most venerated, thats when you could feel the suns revival and nature beginning to spring back to life. The sun had therefore passed from death to life.

On page 98 in Brown's book, we find this ancient drawing from a king's sarcophagus. It shows his initiation into the degrees of the Mystery School of Isis:

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The initiate, the king, is playing Osiris, the sun. He's the one lying "dead" on the floor. Obviously what we see is Leo gripping him to raise him to life at summer solstice, with the "Lion's Paw". The lion getting the signal from Isis at left (what would be the Grand Master in Freemasonry's ritual)
Today at summer solstice the sun is in the sign Gemini, but Freemasonry hasnt changed its ancient ritual over the many thousands of years from Egypt to the present.
Actually, Brown shows that Freemasonry is built wholly on the particular Greek Mystery School of Bacchus (IHS) which was of course built on the Egyptian ones, like all the Mystery Schools. The Bacchus mystery school was continued as the Essenes cult, and Bacchus was the sun hero who's almost exactly like Jesus, turns water into wine etc.

What we will notice on the picture is the cross on the initiate playing Osiris. That is the cross that represents Osiris.
This cross is the equinox, "The Great Celestial Cross".

The Egyptians had different names for the sun in its different stages:
The sun was called "Atum" at dusk, "Osiris" at night, "Khepri" at dawn and "Re" at noon.

Osiris was the sun when it was DEAD. That is either at night or at winter.
Therefore, Osiris became the judge of the Netherworld, and after you died and was burried, you'd have to face Osiris to be judged. He was infact the gatekeeper to the other realm, the realm of the dead.

So, the cross represents the equinox.
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This was a very special time when the sun either came back to life, or passed away. Which is where we get the term "to pass away". Over the equator to the other realm. Or the Hebrew's "passover" at vernal equinox, celebrating spring and "springing to life" of the 12 tribes out of Egypt:
As described in the Book of Exodus, Passover marks the "birth" of the Children of Israel

The equinoxes are the points where the sun crosses over equator to the other realm.
Either from death to life, or from life to death.

The equinox thus represents the gateway.
It was also represented in the "Sun gate" or "Sun door", and when you pass thru that door, you go to the "beyond", the realm of the spirits, the "heavens" etc.

That is, the two pillar's most ancient and basic function was to mark respectively summer and winter solstice, to secretly function as a calendar. When they built their suntemples - facing east - they first placed a spot on the floor. This is called the "blazing star" in Freemasonry, and is found in the chequered floor of their temples, a pentagram.
They would stand on the spot, the "blazing star", and at summer solstice the would mark a place for the one pillar/obelisk outside the temple exactly in line with the rising sun, then do the same at exactly winter solstice.

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Notice the "blazing star"

That means, whenever the sun rises in line with the north-east pillar, then its the day of summer solstice. And the south-east pillar, winter solstice. Thats why, as As Brown explains, still to this day, the masonic laying of the cornerstone is a sacred ritual, and it must for this reason be the north-east cornerstone layed first, for summer solstice.

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Laying the north-east cornerstone of the new building: A new nation

Also, they would put mosaic chequered patterns on the floor of the temples to make it easier to measure the shadow and thus the time of the year.

These two pillars came to represent the "doorway of the sun". The "sun door".

"The Royal Arch of Freemasonry" means the heavenly sphere from vernal to autumnal equinox. That is spring and summer, these seven signs of the zodiac in the part of the year where the sun is alive and brings life, fruit, light and happiness. From Taurus to Scorpio. Or, as the masonic tradition was further evolved a couple of thousands of years after the high epoch of Egypt, the sun had moved via the prescession of equinoxes, one sign. Which is also the astrological positions used today (altho it has moved one sign further the last 2000 years)
Therefore the Royal Arch is actually from Aries to Libra, and the strongest point, summer solstice, the "Keystone", is therefore Cancer, summer solstice at around 0AD.
The Keystone State
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Notice how the moon is the one pillar and the sun the other which is how they often had it in Egypt according to ancient scriptures. They had different meanings for these solstice pillars, one of them of course Saturn (winter solstice) and the Sun (summer solstice) the two phallic archtypes.

These 3 points of the year, vernal equinox, summer solstice and autumnal equinox represented respectively beauty (spring, risen sun) strength (summer, strong live sun) and wisdom (old, wise sun)
Which is what they tell masons the three candles represent that is found in every masonic lodge around the altar:
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It is of course these three points of the year from the Royal Arch.

This arch-doorway on the two solstice pillars represents the "sun door of immortality", the door to the beyond to the other realm and you'll always see the keystone as a speciel stone. Like the Arch of Triumph in Paris:

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This arch, "sun door", is also in the intersection of 12 roads for the 12 zodiacal signs:

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When the sun rises exactly in the middle of this sun door, that means its equinox. The special point where the sun is "crucified" and passing over equator to the other realm. Therefore they used to put the winged sun where they now put the keystone, alluding to the sun passing over. Again, notice the 12 zodiacal zones:

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And here we have the Pope passing thru what the Vatican call the "Holy Door", to mark the so-called "Holy Year":
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Very holy indeed.
No, just the same ol' sun door to the other realm

It is the "Sun Door of Immortality", the eternal life of the sun. And when you go thru it you go to the beyond. The beyond is eternity. The afterlife.
And in Egypt, Osiris was the judge you would face before entering the afterlife, he was the gatekeeper. Thats why he is represented with the cross. Its the cross of the equinox. The place where the sun/you will pass over.

The symbol itself "X" clearly shows a line/path passing over a border, the apparant path of the sun passing over earths equator to the beyond.
The "X" is the doorway to and a symbol of the afterlife, and we can now understand why they typically layed the arms in a cross on the mummy to be buried.
Some say that Freemasons sometimes do this aswell when their brethen are buried.

Osiris' symbol is therefore the cross, the symbol of the afterlife. They called it the Netherworld, where the sun enters at winter or at night when dead. And the symbol of the gatekeeper of the Netherworld.
He is the supreme judge and gatekeeper. The pharao would often represent Osiris becuz he had the ultimate authority, the "keys to heaven and hell". Nobody would thus go to the Netherworld without going thru pharoah.
Just like "nobody" will go to heaven without going thru the Pope

Here's Osiris, lord of judgement, forming his equinoctail "X" with his arms, the doorway to the beyond:
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Again, the equinoctial cross of Osiris:
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At the door:
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And we can now better understand the symbol of the skull and crossbones:
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So the pharaoh would do the cross of Osiris cuz he had the spiritual power of the gods:

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BUT - notice the two different rods: An emperors rod and a shepherds rod.
The emperors rod is pharaoh's TEMPORAL POWER.
The shepherd's rod is his SPIRITUAL POWER.

Becuz we are the sheeple and he is our shephard, the ancient symbolism.
"Pastor" even means "shepherd".
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Now we can collect the pieces of the Papal keys. The silver one is the temporal power of the earth, the golden one the spiritual power of heaven.

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It is simply the same old solar concept, the keys to heaven and hell symbolised in the "Great Celestial Cross", the equinoctial cross, the gateway to the beyond that the Pope claims to keep. He holds the power of Osiris, the gatekeeper of the beyond. No-one will go to heaven unless they go thru the Cardinals (from latin "cardo", "hinges") and the Pope (door) who holds the keys. The so-called "keys of St. Peter".

And they have chosen to put the mitre on top of the cross in the Papal Keys insignia. This is where I would argue that its not a pure coincidence of resemblance to the skull and crossbones symbol!
Especially not if the Jesuits used to fly these flags on their Black Ships in the 1600's and use them when initiating a priest into the 4th vow.

We can take it a step further here. Bcuz, like I showed above, the Royal Arch was the two pillars, Boaz and Jachin, shown there with the sun and moon respectively.
But that has changed.
They have at some point replaced them with the globes of the earth and the heavens with the zodiacal belt:

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Why? Isnt this the Pope's temporal and spiritual power?

As we know, these two pillars represent the summer and winter solstices. And the middle is the equinoxes, the "beyond", the "X-factor" you might say.
The sun will rise in the middle at both equinoxes, two times a year. Two "X"s.

Is this also symbolised in the compass and square logo which crosses over?

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Why do they cross on both sides. Is it the two equinoxes, the "beyond" between the two pillars (the "sun door")?

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Solomons temple is also a masonic allusion to the sun's temple. And that is heaven. Thats why the temple was started being built at vernal equinox and ended at autumnal equinox and overall completely symbolises the universe in every way, according to the biblical description.
The masons call "the beyond" the "great celestial lodge". Heaven.
So here we have Solomons celestial temple represented between the pillars, as the equinoxes, the two crosses/gateways to the beyond from the compass and square:
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We even have the vesica yoni first, another symbol for the gateway between the realms, with the masonic sculpture of the "weeping virgin" inside (aswell as the enerative principle below)

The Pope (or rather the Jesuits) want to rule from the rebuilt Solomons temple - his "church" - in Jerusalem. But Solomons temple is also a symbol of heaven ("the sun's temple") which means the Pope wants symbolically to be GOD in heaven ruling from Israel!

Here is a fascinating Freemason scupture. This is in Eilat, ISRAEL:
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The two powers of the Pope, temporal and spiritual, earthly and heavenly, the two pillars of power that the Vatican is resting upon.
The pyramid with the eye. The New World Order? Solomons temple, the sun's/Pope's temple of heaven?
The proportions of the inside of the Great Pyramid (Kings Chamber) is infact the same proportions of the precisely described parts of the biblical Solomons temple!
1:2 proportions (double cube), the numbers 1-7 represented, Pythagoras incorporated etc.

Notice how its purposely built upon a rock

Matthew 16:18
and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it

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Israeli supreme court, Jerusalem
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Malcolm X?
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