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OK From: "Papal Keys and Masonic Symbolism, by Mad.Arsenal" - II

Papal Keys and Masonic Symbolism, by Mad.Arsenal

Aug 1 2007, 12:34 AM - CRAIG-OXLEY:

Heres a little piece by a member of mine, you may wish to view. I've questioned myself your explanation for Hiram Abiff and the masonic ritual which you link to the Jesuit Order. As far as I'm aware that ritual has never changed for many many years. Therefore it cannot have anything to do with the Jesuit Order itself who only existed in 1534 apart from being the Los Alumbrados and so forth before. The Jesuit Order never had any power of Freemasonry until the 18th Century. To me the explanation within this article is more correct. Let me know your thoughts on what I've just said. -Craig Oxley

Papal Keys and Masonic Symbolism

Dear Craig,

A truly great post! Lots of great pics!

The legend of Hiriam Abif and the rite of the third degree of Blue Lodge Freemasonry no doubt dates back centuries. But the actual rite as it exists today may be of more recent origin. It may date back to shortly after the Pope's suppression of the Order, about the time of the Council of Wilhemsbad in 1782. It was at this Council that the Order began to repair the breach in the first Great Masonic Schism and consolidate its power over a re-united Scottish Rite Lodge.

It cannot be mere coincidence that three nations killed the Jesuit Order ("Father Hiram"---the chief builder of Solomon's temple) within its borders (symbolizing the three ruffians); that Hiram was raised from the dead by the Worshipful Master (the Pope---who is to be worshipped in the East from the Third Hebrew Temple) with the grip of a Lion (the Pope assuming the title of the "Lion of the Tribe of Judah") and that the Order has placed at the center of "the compass (male) and the square (female)" the letter "G." I am in agreement with the late Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor F. Tupper Saussy, that it stands for the Order's Church of the "G"esu in Rome.

It is the risen "Father Hiram" (the Jesuit Order) who aids the Worshipful Master sitting in the East (the Pope) to be the Universal Monarch of the World.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric


What you say below does have merit. I personally stick with the Generative Principle for the 'G' which has far more important meaning than any Gesu which the Jesuit Order in charge of the Roman Catholic Institute would use. It has been spoke of in the past by the legendary William Cooper that Hiram Abiff was symbolism for Jacques De Molay the Grandmaster of the Knights Templar. The now dead very devious two-faced Temporal Coadjutor Saussy may think the G stands for Gesu but he doesn't impress me. I'd also add that the Compass and Square really is symbolism for the 6 pointed star of EL. Now what is the 6 pointed star? The MALE and FEMALE union with the up triangle being Male and down triangle the Female. Like I say the GENERATIVE PRINCIPLE!

Craig Oxley


- Adolfo Nicolas -

Aug 3 2007, 03:08 AM - Mad.Arsenal:

Personally, I wouldnt say Eric is wrong necessarily in the assertion that the 3rd degree ritual symbolises the Company being Hiram who's finished off by the 3 catholic nations and restored back to life by the Pope. It can be both. But I dont see there can be much doubt that if it being the case, its built upon the solar allegory of old. October givin the sun a blow but it survives. Novemeber trying to kill the sun, but still it survives, tho greatly injured now. It wanders on feeble and weak, but doesnt survive the final attack of December.

What could be the case is that the Jesuits formed a version of the solar allegory that would correspond to the history of the suppression, cuz it does indeed fit well with the Order's suppression and restoration etc.
After all, the whole Mysteries thing is about many layers of symbolism. But in 95% of the cases, the most inner layer is the astronomical one, cuz that naturally stands the test of time, anywhere in the world in any nation, culture or language.

I think that the Hiram Abif version of Freemasonrys Mysteries' ritual appeared first around mid 1700's some 40-50 years after the official creation of the London mother lodge, but Im not sure. And I dunno the exact nature of the Hiram ritual at that time, it might well have been changed after the Jesuit's restoration. But the main ingredients of the ritual hasnt changed for atleast 4200 years, simply bcuz the yearly cycle of the sun hasnt changed. Which is what makes astro-symbolism so fundamental and persistant.

The concept of the initiate being slain then lost/buried then resurrected is as old as the Egyptian mystery schools. Of course, the reason the tribe of Judah was assigned the lion is cuz that tribe was the "dominant" one. The lion is Leo, the "sole house of the sun", just like the tribe of Dan has Scorpio, Simeon has Pisces, Reuben Aquarius, Benjamin Gemini etc.

In the Persian mysteries the sun-god Ormuzd died but finally triumphed over the forces of darkness, in India the initiation ritual was about the death/resurrection of the sun-god Sita, in the Eleusinian Mysteries of Greece, Bacchus was the dead/resurrected sun-character. Another Greek mystery school had Kabiri, where the initiate would stumple upon the dead body of this sun-god and later it was resurrected amids joy and cheers of the members in the ritual. And so on and so forth. They were all derived from the degrees of the Osiris School of Egypt in some way or another.

Which was a lunar cult mystery school, the initated swearing to a life in the service of Isis. Just like the priest at the altar in the initiation ritual of the IHS School (Bacchus) wore the symbol of the moon, being dedicated to her service. Sounds abit like Jesuits to me, with the Mary devotion? Is this why they have a moon on their IHS symbol sometimes?

On another note, one cannot underestimate the role played by the Mystery Schools in general in ancient history.

In time, all the advanced scientific knowledge was concentrated and held within these mystery schools where priests and rulers were chosen from. Infact, if you wanted to learn any advanced practice like architecture or mathematics, you had to become initated in the degrees of some mystery school and learn about the universe. The "degrees" harnested all the intellegensia for themselves.
They didnt have open universities for any ol' sheeple, like today.

The sun moves one degree pr. day, they said, and it doesnt move for 3 days at winter solstice which gives 362 degrees in the full yearly cycle. For the sake of the use of mathematics, a circle was given 360 degrees, the circle of the universe.

So today, we go to universe city - university - and get a degree. And upon graduation become a luminary - a planet.

Saturn to be exact, the wise ELite.

And get the Saturnian black robe and square hat, the mortar board hat, coming from the gigantic mystery school that is the Roman Catholic Church. The college of cardinals I think it was, used to wear them upon initiation into the "catholic mysteries". We also get the word "college" from the RCC's college of cardinals according to Jordan Maxwell.

The RCC banned the mystery schools starting from the emperors after Constantine. Cuz "catholic" means "universal" and the RCC is in many ways the biggest mystery school in history, with the exoteric "Christian" religion and the esoteric astronomical etc. meanings for all the symbols, stories and idols. It was a monopoly on the "Mysteries" one might say.
But the mysteries were still being celebrated in many provinces of the empire under different names, being traced right up till the time of the first stonemason guilds, and even further into the 11th and 12th centuries. Always with the initiation ritual of the neophyte role-playing the sun's death/resurrection, thats the core of the ritual of the Mysteries.

From the Osiris School of Egypt where Pythagoras went to become initiated, to the Bacchus IHS of Greece and to Rome's Sol Invictus, the Mithras version, where Constantine was the high-priest, representing Mithras on earth. But only the initiates could learn the "mysteries" of the Mithras religion. That he was the sun.

And this is actually an interesting mystery school in connection with the equinox symbolism.
Mithras was an aggressive god, slaying the bull (the age of Taurus) upon birth from the primordial rock/egg (mushroom/phoenix birth stage)

user posted image

So the soldiers of the army of the Roman Empire practiced this mystery school with great joy and devotion whereever they went, it became a military mystery school, or "religion" as these Mysteries are called, where Constantine was the high-priest. It became outlawed to practice the Mithras mysteries when Christianity was made the empire's official religion. Much to the regret of the soldiers.
The army leaders would initiate soldiers into the mysteries in 3 degrees at first, it was their religion at the time.

Here's the ruins of a Mithras mystery school temple some Roman army division built alongside Hadrians Wall across Britain from the 3rd century, I think it was:
user posted image

Here's a reconstruction in some British museum:

user posted image

Notice the two torch-bearers. Those torch-bearers was part of Mithras symbolism, one torch pointing up, another down.

An artists rendition:
user posted image

Notice here the sun and moon over the torch-bearers. Any connection to the two pillars supporting the "Royal Arch" of heaven?
And more importantly, why are their legs always crossed?

user posted image

Its the equinoxes of course. The one with the torch pointing up is vernal, the downwards is autumnal. The gateways between the realms, life and death.

Which is layed out here in this drawing of another temple, if one understands the astronomical key to these Mystery symbols:

user posted image

Right side is winter and autumn: Death realm of the sun.
Left side is spring and summer: Life realm of the sun, a.k.a. the Royal Arch.
With the two gateways between the realms, the two equinoxes. The legs crossed.

Life realm gateway and Death realm gateway:
user posted image user posted image

I forgot Skull&Bones
user posted image

The cross is the equinox and 322 is March 22nd as we know, spring equinox.


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