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“Give me a fourteen, and I can enslave the earth”

The number ‘14’ represents an important concept laying at the core of the catholic (= universal) work of deception of the Romanist Sect. It is not a simple casually-chosen symbol, it resumes in its proper structure the same logical structure on which the Novo Ordo Seclorum mind of the Vatican sect is based.

In the message “Les fleurs du mal – 2” (“The diying suns of Loyola”) I shortly stated that both wintry and summer pillars & arches - represented each with a 7 point symmetric Romanist abstract ‘menorah’, if joined together were giving a 14 points structure:

"...If I am not wrong, the usual division of a week in seven days is not an exclusive attribute of the Jewry… Sun-day, the day of the Sun, recall us that there’s another 7-points symmetry, opposed and complementary of the one just described above: if you apply the same symmetric order starting instead from the autumnal point, from the vernal point, you have another ‘Jewish’ tree. Is it maybe the other face of the just described wintry symmetry? So the wintry solstice, the point “X”, is the symmetrical opponent of the point “Y’”, the Summer solstice, the apotheosis of the power, and so of the Sun. And the symmetric complementary tree starts with a rising , the rising of the sun towards the Summer solstice, instead of the sinking of the sun towards the wintry underworld grave. The same entire year, could now be represented by the sum of both trees, giving the number 14 as a new, occult, Luciferian organization of the timeline (*)....."

But this is only one side of the truth. The other, opposite side of the truth says that, as both 7 points symmetries have the extreme points in common, they totally are giving to you a 12 pointed structure, like the twelve signs of the Zodiac or the twelve apostles of Jesus. So 14 or 12?

I would and I say: both. Imagine now both structures, the wintry and the summer pillars & arch structure. Join them together putting in common the extreme points/arms, you can shape the new structure in a 12 pointed circle, with two important points, the wintry and the summer solstices, located at the opposite ends of a diameter. This structure is simple and understandable when you look at it from the above. But now start to rotate the plane where the 12 pointed circle is laying, till the position where you could see no more than a 7 pointed segment, with a central point (one of the two solstices you chose) and the other six points (which are more densely assembled near the extremity of the visual segment) around it.

So what are representing the two different point of views? They represent two opposite ways to look at the reality. The ‘14’ pointed way to look at the reality resumes the impossibility to see it like an entire single unity. It resumes only the sum of two horizontal, low and diametrically opposite point of views, which, when they are in front of the object, can see only a part of it, the enlightened part of it, meanwhile the opposite side, like the hidden face of the Moon or like the shadowed part of a crescent, will remain in the darkness:

"……..So at night Osiris is dead, and is laying in the underworld , from where he enlightens, with his pale light, the earth through the Moon. And as Osiris is the dying sun, so the sun that sinks for excellence, the pieces in which he was cutted aka murdered, aka drowned down in the darkness, couldn’t be anything else than the 14 pieces of a Moon phase, the 14 days of a Moon/tidal semi cycle (**) describing his descending path to the underworld.....".

Well, you can never see contemporarily more than seven points each time you try to rotate or you are walking around the horizontal object in front of your eyes. So the least number of the points offered to the sight by every possible rotation of the circle, will always give a number no less than the double of one single viewed side – this number is ‘14’ (If you approach it and touch it with your nose, is possible also that you will see neither a single point).

But we are not the inhabitants of flatland, and we can experience also the other, vertical, dimension, from which to look at the object. We discover now that the points of the extremes of the segment of a single horizontal view are in common with the ones belonging to the extremes of another segmental view. Because we discover that the extremes of opposite directions are generated by a common point. And we discover that with the ‘14’ points view, two observers sited at the opposite side of the objects, always are seeing the extremes with opposite attribute, because meanwhile for an observer the motion starts from the extreme A, for the other opposite observer the motion ends in the same common extreme. But they don’t know that they have the extremes in common, so the experience they will communicate one to the other, will be always in discordance, in opposition or, in a more effective word: in a clash.

After having considered the third, vertical, celestial, heavenly axis, the axis that allow us a synthesis of the disaccording views offered by the couple of antithetical horizontal axis, we understand that the single, irremediably disaccording motions, sighted by the two dimensional-minded inhabitants of Vatic(flat)land, are only the partial, wrong vision of a single, united and coherent motion, the motion of the 12 pointed Novo Ordo Seclorum wheel of the events. The “all seeing eye”, through his watchful Intermediary pupil, pushes the 12 pointed wheel to continually run, hence generating into the soul of the two dimensional spectator an eternal contradictory experience of a chaotic 14 pointed world.

And the continue, unceasing, stunning giant chaos under the sky has been created….

Is the ‘V’ of “Vatican” standing for the true direction towards which they are dragging the(ir) sheople? Is this the reason for which they blocked the path to the celestial heaven with a ‘vicarious’ of God? Constraining the sheople to remain pressed on the materialistic, chaotic and eternally at war Vatic(flat)land plane? Meanwhile the visible white hand is showing to them the vertical, heavenly, upper direction, the invisible black hand is slowly pushing them to the darkness of the underworld (new swimming pool of the “Gateway to the East” city):

This is the most important reason for which the Romanist Sect has to keep the divinity firmly separated from the profane, secular world. The divinity can be placed on the vertical Z axis just only on the strict condition that the sheople-points must lay on the two dimensional Vatic(flat)land XY plane. We could say that just the sheople points with two dimensional mind are the matter with which the horizontal reality-plane is built. This is the reason for which Romanism declared an implacable war towards the ‘heresy’ of Luther, because he – at the opposite of the Masonic Prometeus – pushed the people to directly take the ‘fire’ from the ‘divinity’, going directly to the source, i.e. through the only possible path, the proper hearth, without to wait a ‘benevolent’ Masonic divinity doing the work for the sheople. With their work the Masonic Prometeus are just saving the division between the infinite subset of sheople forming the XY Vatic(flat)land and the single ‘divine’ upper Z point. The Masonic Prometeus are bringing to the sheople-points the false, ideological, multi coloured and clashing‘fires’ of the ‘divinity’. With those fires the Masonic Prometeus promise to offer to the two dimensional points a means to ‘enlighten’ the ‘secrets of the chaos’. But the more the sheople-points are enlightening the whirling 7 pointed line in front of their eyes, the more they are deceived about the true core of that chaotic reality. Luther destroyed the structure of the XY plane, pushing all its forming points to converge towards the top of that triangle. Doing so he destroyed the necessity of any vertical Z axis and the necessity of an ‘official’ Intermediary (‘vicarious’ of Christ on earth), who should regulate and keep the distances among the plane and the ‘divine’ all seeing-eye above it. That Intermediary is the one which pretend to assure a bit of ‘divine’ fire to every single sheople-point on the Vatic(flat)land (dogma of salvation-only-through-Romanist-church). The bit of ‘divine’ fire is granted only and exclusively in exchange of the total obedience for which the single point had to move and to operate exclusively on the XY axis; the exchange is named: ‘good’ works dogma. As you can easily see, both the ‘divine’ Intermediary/vicarious and his false opponent, the ‘vicarious’ of the heavenly Prometeus (the Mother of every rebelling angel) on earth or Masonry, (and doesn’t matter how much they appear in a irreducible enmity), they both save the Novo Ordo Seclorum theological geometry (*)

(Observation. You can see now for the interests of whom the atheism is spread in the society. The most famous and by the papal media celebrated atheist of Italy is a certain professor Piergiorgio Oddifreddi, a conclaimed atheist, Marxist and, of course this is not a coincidence of the ‘mute’ physical laws – a logic mathematician. As you can see it is better to keep a sheople-point sleeping in the XY plane, where he would firmly believe that “a Z axis doesn’t exist!”, instead to see him searching to destroy his chain binding him to the Vatic(flat)land jail).


(*) …..true mathematicians would say “topology” instead of “geometry”, but it doesn’t need to involve an higher level of abstraction.


The Omega point on the upper Z axis, generating the two dimensional figure on the below XY horizontal plane. The top is their true occult divinity, the organizational principle of the Novo Ordo Seclorum theological geometry…….

……..principle which can be offered, to the two dimensional mind and sight of the below laying sheople points, but only through the shape of a section of the “divine cone”, a two dimensional triangle, often with a ridiculous eye inside, or repeated four times, each for every end of the XY horizontal axis, in the usual pyramidal shape……..

………then the generating rays coming from the top of the “divine cone”, are managed by the Universal Intermediary vicarious, his organization and by the opponents to his organization, the vicarious of Prometeus, whose opposite AND collaborative work maintain the distances among the horizontal plane and the upper ‘divinity’……………

………… you can see the pillar Z, around which the sheople-points are swarming on their XY worldly plane, is not only showing the ‘vertical’ dimension, but also keep it far away and impossible to touch for the inhabitants of Vatic(flat)land. They are hypnotized by the whirling magic circle of the events…..which produces a whirling chaos of events that, through the corruption and the temptation……

…..and the traumatic tides that regularly submerge the psyche of the sheople-points………

…..hides the occult theological geometry generated by the upper ‘divine cone’, the occult but material geometry that shapes the below world of the five senses:

The number "14":

Low Intensity Golpe Acted Through Carabinieri At, Work In Italy? (long post, sorry).

The Saturnalian Brotherhood

Rat-lines in Trieste

Rat-lines in Washington, D.C.


(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)


Douglas A. Willinger said...

Interestingly '14' is a number that appears multiply within a certain death date within my blog "freedom of Medicine and Diet"

Note that ceiling painting that features in its center a certain most special gal.

Note that Angelo Francois Mariani was feted by the Vatican and the time-line of the various Vatican minions actions:

avles said...

Yes, 14 = OSIRIS = Death-'purification'-rebirth

April 1, 1914 ---> 4th month & 1st day = 14...
December 17, 1914 ---> 12th month + 17th day = 29, a COMPLETE lunar/Moon cycle!!!!!
the old coca must die, then to "purify itself in the Ade" and then to be born again in the today's killing version!!!

Or the 29 years of the complete Lunar/Osiris cycle from 1980 (massacre of Ustica) to 2009 (Berlusconi's total grip of power) with which the Italian Republic died, went 'purified' and then again putted to birth, for the 2010 when they have to officially celebrate the II Pontifical reign (after 140 years...)

avles said...

avles said...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"I'll tell you honestly what I think of the MVAC. I'm not Slovenian, but also watch the Slovenes and their struggle: MVAC helps us Italians very much ... but among the Slovenes it creates such hatred that in fifty years you will not be able to overcome it. "

Italian general Ruggero conversation with the bishop Rožman in the autumn of 1942

avles said...

From the introduction of the book:

“Again, after more than fifty years, the legendary book “Belogardizem” of Franček Saje has been published. The first edition in 1951 sold out within weeks. Saje wrote the book as a full blooded chronicler and analyst. At more than 600 pages there is: - thoroughly analyzed the pre-war social, political and party image Slovenia; - precisely described and documented the development and work of the Slovenian collaborationist organizations and their supporters; - documented the relationship of the Roman Catholic Church, of the clergy and of the bishop Rožman with the Italian occupants; - All this is seasoned with a number of interesting documents and testimonies which show the hindrance of the political and religious leadership of the Slovenian collaborationism at home and in the London 'exiled' government, knowing that they were collaborating in front of the eyes of the their own suffering nation and of the world anti-fascist coalition.”

avles said...