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Marching towards the enemy


......Thanks for that comment on APPARENTLY ENEMIES: remembered me that I should move there the content of NOVO ORDO SECLORUM blog. I didn't ffinish to expose Romish Masonic geometry of Trieste, a city linked with history of USA. In the geometry there are also the traces of a square. I should have published it just at the beginning 2009 when I started my posts about Luciferian Trieste. Well, I'll sacrifice a message regarding Trieste [which awaits three years], to speak about your city. It took only a quick visit to Google map. …..”.

[From a comment I sent to the Douglas Willinger's post:

So I decided to go further.

Above image - "Decumanus, Cardo, Big Triangle and Virgo Triangle". I suggest to the archeologists to see again their ideas about the ancient Rome ritual geometry in the foundation of cities. The modern/eternal ancient Romans [church of Rome] have some other interesting things to show to you. [Roman castrum in two walls: external/blue and inner/red. The external involves saint Just cathedral and Red Bridge. The inner one not. The inner one in red is delimited by some churches at his corners - right bottom corner is the obelisk "of the victory", which in its turn is a top of the virgo triangle, signed in blue and alternate red line. In yellow marker the big triangle "Golden Lady/saint Just/Evangelical Luthern church. Cardo horizontal road is partially street Corso Italia where is located also the dextera door. See:

Above image - "Marching towards the enemy". Some inner details of the Romish Masonic geometry of a religious-military camp for the Counter Reformation war in Eurasia named "city of Trieste".

Above image - The decumana door. On the left the entry of the san Giusto/saint Just cathedral and on the same direction in perfect W-E alignment, far away, the Golden virgin/Madonna in Garibaldi square (which is not a square, but has a triangle shape). Straight in front of you is the geographical north and the tower of the bells, with the entry/arch, and over it the statue of san Giusto/saint Just, an occult disguise of the ancient pagan rite of the death an re-birth of the sun [I talked about this local pagan version of Horus/Osiris years ago in the old and then censored The Unhived Mind forum]. From here you pass over the bridge “Ponterosso” (“Red Bridge”), to arrive in the Evangelical Lutheran church of square/largo Panfili, in a perfect north-south direction.

Above image - James Joyce on the Red Bridge (“Ponterosso”. The word "brigades" - Italian: "brigate" - of Red Brigades, Italian terrorist Communist guerrilla, is very similar; Brigate Rosse/Red Brigades/Red Bridge). James Joyce was living from 1904 to 1920 mostly between Zurich and Trieste.

...Umberto Eco compares Joyce to the ancient episcopi vagantes (stray bishops) in the Middle Ages. They left a discipline, not a cultural heritage or a way of thinking. Like them, the writer retains the sense of blasphemy held as a liturgical ritual.[31]”.

.....My mind rejects the whole present social order and Christianity -home, the recognized virtues, classes of life, and religious doctrines. […] Six years ago I left the Catholic church, hating it most fervently. I found it impossible for me to remain in it on account of the impulses of my nature. I made secret war upon it when I was a student and declined to accept the positions it offered me. By doing this I made myself a beggar but I retained my pride. Now I make open war upon it by what I write and say and do.[32]....[James Joyce]”.


Above image - Here James Joyce is marching towards the center of the Roman religious-military camp, the praetorium [to be not confused with praetoria, the door in front of the enemy at the north face of the camp]. Of course he respect the traffic laws ans his direction is the same of the street. But the line going from the eyes of the readers, passing over him and over the center of the roof of those building in the background, is ending/passing about the back of saint Just statue on the saint Just cathedral over that hill. Here James Joyce's bronze is representing the 'good' savage of those populations in North Europe to be submitted to Rome. He is represented as “coming back in the fold”, sincerely 'converted' again to the religion of Rome, therefore searching protection inside the camp of the military-religious Roman legions. Significantly he is showings his back to the enemy, sited outside the praeteoria, the door at north. The enemy, the religious enemy, is represented by the Evangelical Lutheran church of square/largo Panfili sited on the same line intersected by James Joyce walk. Take note that James Joyce was in Trieste in those 'wonderful' early twenties. 'Wonderful' not only for the rising of the local Fascism, different from the Italian one, and labeled "Fascism of the Borders", which burned the Slovenian/Croatian center in the city just on the 106th anniversary of Carabineers' founding decree foundation [13th July 1929]. In those years doc Janko Kralj was active in to spread the Irish cause [he was the author of the book on Irish struggle for independence "Struggle of a little nation", 1925] where the nationalism was of course only the vector of a religious war, surely intended not limited to the Irish/British theater, but as universal global metaphor of the Roman Catholic revanchist attack to rule over the entire planet.

Doc Janko Kralj:

James coming back to the fold [= “repented-protestant-scismatic”], a pic taken just in the same direction of decumanus...:

Above image - Note the bridge, intersected by the decumanus [the road N-S from the decumana south door to preatoria north door] starting from san Giusto/saint Just cathedral. It represents the Masonic arch, which in its turn represents the pontifex, aka the “builder of bridges [“ponte” = “bridge”], and pontifex is another code-name for pope/emperor of Rome, the Spiritual Master of All Masons [being the operative concrete one the Black pope(s)]. At the end/beginning of the channel (“Channel of the Red Bridge”), the sant'Antonio/saint Antony church. Together with channel, they form an example of Serapeum, the ancient Rome pagan temple, of which another beatiful example is United States Capitol hill, with obelisk and lake [lake as synonymous of liquid feminine principle, aka Isis/virgin Mary/ect.]. Also saint Peter square should represent a Serapeum, where the liquid material is substituted by the human liquid masses.

I mentioned that just in the old The Unhived Mind:

See the natural temple, mount Sorapiss; back of mount Sorapiss there's one of the summer residence of the pope of Rome. Two lakes near Sorapiss: lake of Misurina and lake of Sorapiss:

Above image - Ladies and gentlemen, the enemy outside and north to praetoria door: represented by the Evangelical Lutheran church [Augustan confession] in square/largo Panfili. Seen from the direction of the decumanus road. The street from where the shot and at the side of the church is street/via Trento, the city of the Council of Trent. In the tradition of the city of Trieste, street Trento was the traditional zone for the sex workers ('prostitution'). Still today, instead to say “to go with a prostitute”, the people say “to go in Trento's street”. Double, triple, n-uple weaving of significances for the Counter Reformation war. Take note that the bells of the Lutheran church have been melted in Vienna with the metal of the French guns plundered with the protestant victory of 1870. Also here a double significance. The superficial one, with the images of those bells, represents the religious enemy. The occult one, that French metal, represents the infiltration of the Romish Masonic legions inside the Protestant world in order to destroy it also from within.

...The three bells, one of which remained, were cast from the barrel of a French cannon, captured by the army during the Prussian War of 1870, and donated by Kaiser Wilhelm I. ...” - URL:

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Geometrical friendships

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"An ancient and renewed friendship"

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Rat-lines in Trieste

Rat-lines in Washington, D.C.

Corrections: 09 Apr 2012 changed the bold words "
left bottom corner is the obelisk "of the victory", which in its turn is a top of the virgo triangle, signed in blue and alternate red line. In yellow marker the big triangle "Golden Lady/saint Just/Evangelical Luthern church. Decumanus is partially street Corso Italia where is the dextera door. "

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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